How Tall is Nicki Minaj? What is Her Height Compared to Cardi B’s?

Both artists have achieved a lot, but they are short.

Let us look at who is taller. 

Who is taller?

Nicki Minaj is 5ft 2, while Cardi B is 5ft 4, so Cardi B is taller.

Nicki Minaj Height

She weighs 137 pounds or 62 kgs and is 5 feet and 2 inches or 157 cm tall. 

She loves running and has a few post-run selfies on her Instagram page.

She is always intent on staying fit and losing weight.

Her energy and art style makes her stand out in a crowd.

Her skills and measurements are evident in her video albums.

She measures 40-28-25 inches or 102-71-114 cm.

Her eye color is dark brown, while her hair color is black. 

Her ambitious attitude makes her successful in everything she touches.

Reports state that she has various workout plans, including weight training, cardio, dance, body exercises, and strength training. 

Cardi B Height

Cardi B’s figure is described as statuesque since she stands at 5ft 4 inches which translates to 160 cm.

She weighs around 57 kg or 127 pounds, thus making her look stunning in her videos. 

The artist has maintained her lovely physique by adhering to a strict diet plan and regularly exercising.

She drinks a lot of water and consumes two meals a day to maintain her energy.

Her diet includes salmon, salami, yogurt, bacon, roasted potatoes, prosciutto, pancakes, and eggs.

Since she eats twice a day, she takes teami to restrain her diet and visits pizza joints and McDonald’s once in a while. 

Apart from her diet regimen, she also enjoys doing full-body workouts like pilates, burpees, dances, and squats.

For her abs, she engages in bicycle crunches, planks, and normal crunches.

When talking about her lower body, she said she does not need to do much work on her back but is concerned with her calves and thighs.

She engages in hamstring curls, front squats, leg press, and more.