Tricks They Used to Make Tom Cruise Taller in Top Gun

Ardent Tom Cruise fans were thrilled that the actor was not using a forced outlook in Top Gun: Maverick.

The superstar usually seems taller than his actual height in all his movies.

His eagle-eyed audience was impressed that he embraced his natural height, and there were no visual tricks used to make him appear taller like other cast members. 

Cruise, who acts as the main character, Lieutenant Bradley’  Rooster’ Bradshaw, was spotted standing close to Kelly McGillis, whose height is 5ft 10 inches tall, and they appeared to be of the same height.

Fans went to social media to praise him, with one stating that the best part of the movie was their commitment to embracing the actor’s height for the ‘short king he is.’

Another revealed that they liked how the actor chose not to engage in a forced perception to match others’ height.

While another stated that for someone with the type of reputation and money Tom Cruise has, his height should be the least of his worries. 

So how did the actor increase his height by almost 4 to 5 inches?

He dressed in shoes with a stacked heel, adding his height by 1.5 to 2 inches.

According to keen enthusiasts, the remaining 3 inches needed is attributed to elevating insoles that result in an additional 1.5 to 3 inches. 

However, they need to match his outfit to make him appear huge. 

With or without them, he has appeared tall along with many actresses dressed in long heels using styling tricks that create a ‘height illusion.’

There is nothing wrong with embracing one’s natural body frame, but the Mission Impossible actor is known for purposefully appearing taller. 

It seems that he feels that it makes him more confident. 

He knows how to alter his height using modest, carefully blended postures and the proper attire.


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Standing Alongside Other People

His ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, who is 5 ft. 10 inches, seemingly made him do a lot of work regarding his height when they made red carpet appearances, and together they tactfully made him seem tall during their marriage. 

An instance was during the Hern Ritts exhibition in October 1992.

The pair posed with their heads close.

The actress had her head leaning towards him to ‘hide’ the height difference.

She chose a shorter heel compared to the actor’s taller heel. 

When he married Katie Holmes, who is 5 ft. 9 inches, they made various red carpet appearances. 

However, it was challenging compared to his previous marriage despite her being an inch shorter.

Holmes preferred longer heels that measured almost 4 inches.

By creating a space between them and the actor leading as they held hands, the height difference was almost unnoticeable. 

One of the tricks used by the actor involves drawing people’s attention using color and pattern. 

When he appeared alongside his costar Cameron Diaz during the premiere of Knight and Day in Bordeaux, France, the actor dressed in dark-wash jeans with a striped ice blue top and shoes with stacked heels.

He slanted while positioning himself forward as the actress slanted back and placed a foot behind to appear shorter than her 5ft 9-inch height. 

In the movie’s premiere in Seville, Spain, Cruise dressed in heeled boots, making him appear two inches taller.

The actress was in 4-inch heels, and the two looked even. 

Seems He Loves Stacked Heels

The actor rarely gets the chance to look taller than his fellow cast members, but he managed to when he stood next to his costar Jennifer Connelly who is the same height as the actor, 5ft 7 inches. 

Despite her wearing heels, he managed to add a little height during the Cannes Film Festival.

When they posed together, the actor appeared taller by standing to his side as she stood vertically and looked straight.

The stacked heels also did their part.