How did Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly meet?

The 51-year-old English actor Paul Bettany has been married for almost 20 years with American actress Jennifer Connelly.

A long lasting marriage is very rare these days, but with the right partner, only the sky’s the limit!

Read along to learn more about their relationship.

How they met

Jennifer appeared in a lot more movies like ones with Tom Cruise and more popular actors, but her cast in “A Beautiful Mind” was the most important for her. 

That was the movie where she met her soulmate.

What happened on and off the set

She was Alicia, a wife of a mathematician and he was Charles, a roommate of the same mathematician. 

Those were their roles in the movie ” A Beautiful Mind”, where the two of them spoke for the first time.

They found themselves interested in each other almost immediately. 

Paul was a very talented actor, alongside acting, he has talent in music also, which was very impressive for Jennifer. 

She was amazed by Paul’s charisma, and she loved the way he acted cool. 

Impressions occurred on both sides as Paul said for Entertainment Tonight. 

He couldn’t take his eyes off of Jennifer!

He knew about her beauty even before they met, but when he saw Jennifer in person she was even prettier. 

Moreover, they fancy each other, it wasn’t clear if they are dating or not. 

But after the attacks in 2001, known as 9/11 attack Paul decided to make an even bigger move than officiating their relationship. 

During the moments of the attacks he was more worried about Jennifer than himself, and at that moment he had no more doubts that she is the one. 

Then Paul decided to call a woman that he barely knew and propose to her.

Luckily for him, Jennifer felt the same and said “yes”!

The couple couldn’t wait anymore and moved in together soon after the proposal.

Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly Kids

Paul and Jennifer share two kids together.

Jennifer got pregnant within a year after they got engaged.

On August 5, 2003 a married couple got their first child Stellan Bettany.

With two actors in the family it was expected that their child would be an actor too, he is even named after the actor Stellan Skarsgard. 

Despite that Stellan is leaning more towards music than acting. 

He rarely posts anything music-related on social media, but when he does it’s really amazing.

In 2009, the Bettany family got bigger for one more member! 

Stellan got a younger sister Agnes Lark Bettany.

Jennifer often says that the Agnes is a lot different than the Stellan. 

Both share the same passion, but for other things. 

Agnes loves the film industry, not like an actor but like a producer. 

She is even going to work with her mother, trying to help her with some advice. 

If she has just a little bit of talent like her parents have, she will be very successful in the industry.