Who is Josh Holloway’s Wife Yessica Kumala?

Josh Holloway, the star of “Lost,” and his wife, Yessica Kumala, have been together for over 20 years.

Yessica Kumala and Josh Holloway met in an LA nightclub when they had a night out with their friends in 2002.

Yessica saw Josh standing at the bar talking to girls, approached him, and tapped his shoulders. 

Josh and Yessica make life worth living for each other. However, since their marriage in 2004, the couple has managed to keep a low profile.

Who is Yessica Kumala?

Yessica Kumala is popular as the wife of the “Lost” actor Josh Holloway.

She is from Jakarta, Indonesia, and of Chinese descent. Yessica and Josh met in 2002 and dated for a significant time before getting married. 

The couple has since parented two children.

Their children are daughter Java Kumala (born in 2009) and son Hunter Lee (born in 2014).

They have cracked the secret of a long-lasting marriage, and there is no sign of separation.


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Yessica Kumala’s Net Worth

Yessica Kumala’s net worth is estimated at about $300,000. 

House in Hawaii

The Holloway family resides in a home on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. They have previously lived in Honolulu. The Hawaii property was constructed in 1962 and had an area of over 1,500 square feet.  

How Did Josh Holloway Meet Yessica Kumala?

The couple initially met at a nightclub in Los Angeles when Yessica asked for Josh’s number.

This initial meeting did not pan out, but they met again a few years later and started dating. After a few dates, Josh hinted at being taken at the end of filming “Lost” in Oahu, Hawaii. 

Their bond has only gotten more robust, and they have a wonderful life with two lovely children.

They Have Two Children – A Son and a Daughter

The couple has given birth to two beautiful kids – a son and a daughter.

Their daughter, Java, was born on 9th April 2009, and their son, Hunter, was born on 27th January 2014.

The children and parents have a very close-knit bond and are happy with each other. 

We have to admit that Josh’s relationship with Yessica and their children is very wholesome. Who’d have thought that asking for a guy’s number at the bar could lead to such an incredible love story?