Holly Flax in ‘The Office’ Was Initially Planned for Just One Episode

How Amy Ryan Went From Guest Star to Beloved Character!

Amy Ryan, the actress who played Holly, was actually supposed to appear for only one or two episodes.

When Holly first entered the Dunder Mifflin office in season 4, the plan was simple. She was just there to fill the HR spot while Toby was off adventuring in Costa Rica. Just a short visit, that’s all.

But guess what? Fans of “The Office” were head over heels for Holly. She was goofy, kind, and a perfect match for our favorite, awkward regional manager, Michael Scott. Her sweet nature and knack for humor won everyone’s hearts, both on-screen and off. And boy, Michael and Holly’s chemistry? Unbeatable!

Seeing the love pouring in for Holly, the show’s creators thought, “Well, why not bring her back?” And, oh, aren’t we all glad they did? Holly came back for more episodes in seasons 5, 7, and even the final season 9, appearing in 17 episodes altogether.

Her character not only brought loads of laughs but also gave us one of the sweetest love stories on the show. Remember how Michael finally found his soulmate in Holly? It was pretty magical. And even though Holly’s time on “The Office” was relatively brief, her impact was anything but.

Fast forward to the series finale, when we learn that Michael and Holly are now a happy family with kids. It was a full-circle moment that left all “The Office” fans feeling warm and fuzzy.

In a BUILD Series interview, Amy Ryan revealed her journey on “The Office.” She shared that she was initially supposed to be on the show for a couple of episodes only, but then they kept asking her to return, and she was more than happy to do so.

Being a fan of the show even before she joined the Dunder Mifflin family, Amy considered herself lucky to be part of such a beloved series. She said, “It is one of the most joyous places to go to work. I would truly leave with aches in my sides from laughing, and, you know, it was so hard to keep a straight face on that set.”