Why Did Susan Grey Have to Die in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Fans Are Still Baffled

Grey’s Anatomy’ fans are still questioning the decision to kill off Susan Grey, a character they saw as a vital mother figure to Meredith Grey.

Yo, so have you ever wondered why Susan Grey had to kick the bucket in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? You’re not alone. Fans are still pretty miffed about it. It feels like the writers just offed her to crank up the drama, and that’s not cool.

Susan was, like, the only one who gave a darn about Meredith and made real efforts to help patch things up between her and her dad. And honestly, they didn’t need to kill her off to keep things spicy between Lexie and Meredith.

But nope, they just had to make Meredith lose two moms and her relationship with her dad all within a couple of months. Seriously, talk about harsh. Meredith finally found someone who loved her like she deserved to be loved. Susan was a total sweetheart – patient, kind, and always trying her best. But it’s like life kept kicking Meredith in the teeth. Totally not fair.

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And it’s not just me talking – the fans are seriously bummed out about it too. One fan quipped, “She had to die because of course Meredith couldn’t have a potentially healthy relationship and a mother figure lol.” You can tell they’re not happy with the way things turned out.

“I watched this episode last night. I am SO distraught. Finally seeing Meredith make some progress with… well, everything…. And this happens. Susan was one of the best characters, hands down. I’m just so sad.” It’s clear that Susan’s character had a significant impact, and her sudden departure was a punch in the gut. – another added.

And let’s not forget this thoughtful take: “Everything in the show is to add drama. It’s a drama. It did feel needlessly cruel though but that’s how it was back then. Whenever they gave Meredith an inch they took a mile.” It’s like they’re saying that the show’s creators didn’t just want to give Meredith a hard time – they wanted to take her on an emotional rollercoaster.

Fans clearly miss Susan, and they wish things could have been different. The bond between Susan, Mer, and Lexie could have been a powerful storyline. But instead, the writers made a decision that, to this day, leaves fans questioning: why did Susan Grey have to die?