The Potential Upside of Will Byers in the Final Season of Stranger Things

What Will Happen to Will Byers in Stranger Things 5?

Since his abduction in season 1 and his terrifying possession by the Mind Flayer in season 2, he’s kind of been pushed to the sidelines. However, there’s buzz about him coming back into the spotlight in season 5, which sounds super cool.

Will Byers is one of the original gang, and fans have been waiting to see him reclaim his major role in the storyline. So when the creators, the Duffer Brothers, started hinting at this, it got people super excited. Let’s be real, Will has had some tough times, and we feel he deserves to shine.

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Seasons 3 and 4 saw Will’s role shrinking, which made the show feel a bit off track from its beginnings. But hey, season 5 looks promising as it seems to be getting back to the roots. The Duffer Brothers mentioned that the gang will be back in Hawkins and things will feel more like in Season 1. Now that’s something to look forward to!

There’s a bunch of predictions about what’s gonna happen with Will in the final season. Some people think he might turn into a baddie, like when he was possessed in Season 2, or maybe he’ll get some powers to fight alongside Eleven. There are even theories that Vecna, the big evil they’re fighting, was behind Will’s original kidnapping. Whatever happens, fans are super excited to see how Will’s role pans out in the final season.

But here’s the thing. In recent seasons, it felt like Will’s storyline was kinda forgotten. He was dealing with personal stuff, like figuring out his sexuality, which led to him feeling distanced from his friends. Fans were worried that Will was being left out, but Noah Schnapp hinted in an interview that things might come full circle for Will in the final season. His exact words were, “The story started with Will, and it’ll end with Will.”

So, the big question on everyone’s minds is, “Will, Will Byers die in Stranger Things season 5?” I mean, some fans see parallels between Will and Vecna’s relationship and the one between Harry and Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. You know, the whole “horcrux” thing where a part of the evil dude’s soul is in the good guy? They’re wondering if Will might have to die to take down Vecna. Yikes!

But hey, remember that Harry didn’t die in the end, so there’s hope for Will too. In Season 2, they managed to exorcise the Mind Flayer out of Will, which means there could be a way to defeat Vecna without killing Will. Or maybe Vecna could die, leaving only a tiny part of him in Will’s brain, which wouldn’t be enough to bring him back. These guys have powers, but they’re not like Harry Potter wizards who can bring people back from the dead.

Then there’s another interesting theory. If Vecna is like Voldemort and uses the Mind Flayer as his tool, and Will is like Harry, what if the Mind Flayer switches its loyalty to Will as the Elder Wand did in Harry Potter? That could be a key to defeating Vecna.

Regardless of the theories, it’s pretty clear that Noah Schnapp’s character, Will, is going to play a vital role in how it all wraps up. Ever since his first trip to the Upside Down, Will has had some kind of telepathic link with the creatures there. In the Season 4 finale, while everyone else is having a happy-go-lucky time, Will’s spidey-senses are tingling, signaling that something’s off.

Season 4 ended with Will sensing that something’s not right, even while everyone else was having a chill time. With Will’s strange connection to the Upside Down and Eleven’s superpowers, it looks like the final season is gonna be an epic showdown against Vecna’s army.