Who is Heidi O’Ferrall? Meet ProJared’s Ex-Wife

Heidi Atelier O’Ferrall is known to many as a top costume designer and experienced cosplayer. She stars in the Asagao Academy series in the role of Hana. She has won several awards to her name over the years. 

Heidi O’Ferrall is the ex-wife of the famous Youtube content creator and gamer Jared Lee Knabenbauer (alias ProJared). The controversial relationship between the duo has sparked different comments on social media in recent times.  

Who is Heidi O’Ferrall?

Young Heidi was born in Dallas, Texas, on April 1, 1988, and hails from the white Caucasian ethnicity. Although her supportive parents brought her up, there is not much information known about Heidi’s family. 

Heidi always had a passion for fashion. She chose to pursue design at the University of Texas in Arlington. She later graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Technology and Design. 

O’Ferrall has a diverse career in design and cosplay. The 34-year-old American cosplayer also excels as a random model. In fact, Heidi loves to publicly display most of her design work on her active Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thanks to her modeling skills. 

She currently runs the Forest Girl Clothing store in Bothell, Washington. She makes good use of her business skills to succeed in her clothing.

O’Ferrall has also been a famous YouTuber since 2011. She has gained over 24K subscribers to this day.  The talented designer has been a consistent cosplayer over the years. Although her work keeps getting more complex with time, she never disappoints.

Heidi used to manage her workshop well until floods struck in September 2017.  She was forced to break briefly from her full operations. She only restored her normal operations later in 2018. 

Asagao Academy’s Star

The experienced cosplayer has been featured on several occasions in the Asagao Academy series. She takes on the role of Hana.

Heidi has been making appearances as the leading character for the longest period in the series. She makes all the decisions in the game. 

Personal Life

Not much is in public about Heidi’s private affairs. But, in June 2014, she got married to Jared Kbanenbauer (alias ProJared). This is after the duo dating for almost two years.

The couple, however, chose to part ways out of marital issues. They filed for a divorce in 2019. The renowned cosplayer accused Jared of cheating on her with mistress Holly Conrad. No kids were born out of this marriage, though.

Heidi O’Ferrall Net worth

Heidi has gained huge fame and earnings as a YouTube personality. Various sources have hinted that O’Ferrall and her colleagues attended many conventions and sold over 100 prints each weekend. Although her annual income figures are not available in the public domain, Heidi’s net worth is approximately $100k.

Social Media Life

Apart from modeling and design, Heidi is also very frequent on social media platforms. The Seattle, Washington-based cosplay artist attracts a huge following on Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter account (@atelierheidi) boasts 74k followers. While on Instagram(@atelierheidi), Heidi attracts over 25k followers.