Seth Rogen Weight Lost Journey

Rogen has always been known as the chubby comedic star Hollywood has grown to love. His chubby body was never a concern in his previous roles until he landed the “Green Hornet” movie’s coveted lead role. At this moment, Seth understood the world was about to change, and he had to get in good shape. How did Seth Rogen lose 190lbs in just ten weeks? 

How Did Seth Rogen Lose Weight?

When asked about his incredible weight loss journey, he told LongIsland, “I didn’t do any experimental injections! It’s just diet and exercise. It works. Uh, stay fat, people. That’s my motto. It’s no picnic.”

His Weight Loss Diet

 One of his major steps was a diet change. Seth followed a weight loss diet observed by most Hollywood stars which allowed him to eat five times per day, focusing on nutrient-dense and low-glycemic foods. The diet’s entire goal is to fill up on high fiber and low glycemic foods to increase your energy levels and keep you full all day.

His healthy diet comprised of;

Breakfast: His breakfast consisted of proteins and fruits for micronutrient nourishment. Proteins enhanced a lean muscle build-up while fruits took care of his energy level.

Mid-morning snacks: His mid-morning diet included healthy and quick snacks to reduce hunger cravings and junk food intake. Such snacks comprise baked, or olive oil fried veggie chips dipped in either hummus sauce or salsa sauce.

Lunch Menu: This consists of a fiber and protein-rich diet. That is eggs, seafood, chicken, and all kinds of organic veggies.

Afternoon snacks: Seth’s afternoon snack was relatively small, comprising dry fruits and a protein shake.

Dinner: Rogen’s main focus was on his dinner menu to keep as low as possible. The menu comprises proteins (salmon, fat-free turkey, pork loin, chicken breast, and fresh sashimi) and veggies (zucchini, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and fresh cauliflower).

Seth’s Weight Loss Workout

Seth had a five-day-per-week workout routine plan focusing on burning calories and muscle building.

His 45 minutes workout consisted of HIIT exercise, focusing on two specific muscle groups every day. Seth’s workout trainer ensured that the amount of weight he lifted enhanced muscle gain and stimulated loss of fat tissues. 

Seth Rogen Weight Loss Tips

Some of Seth Rogen weight loss tips include:

Stop eating Junk

Yes. One major step to weight loss is cutting off junk food and finding healthy alternatives. Set had olive oil fried veggie chips, which was a healthy and delicious alternative to junk food.

Staying Motivated

Discipline and diligence are key behaviors to adopt if you want to get such results. Although it is hard to achieve, ensure you follow every part of the weight loss program without failure.

Besides, Like Seth Rogen, you can have an accountability partner to ensure you stick to your program without fail.

Take Natural Supplements

Natural weight loss supplements act as a catalyst to an incredible weight loss journey. Rogen adhered to a low glycemic diet by consuming three spoonsful apple cider vinegar for a lower carb deposition.

 Other supplements included blueberries and lemon tea to burn up fats and metabolism stimulating pills.