Nathan Fillion’s Weight Loss: The Secret Behind it

Nathan Fillion, a Canadian-American Actor, who many remember from their favorite show, Castle, has never looked better. The actor has come back to work sporting a new haircut and a body ready for summertime fun. Fans following the actor’s latest endeavor, i.e., Season 2 of The Rookie, noticed this change immediately and went crazy over his new look. However, many fans are suspicious about this drastic change in the actor’s appearance.

Although most of the comments given by fans are supportive, many wondered if this new look was indicating some change in the season’s plot. Others were even concerned about his health. Whichever reason it may be, Nathan Fillion’s new look is making fans fall head over heels for him all over again. Therefore, it is safe to say that fans are mostly supportive of his choice.

Nathan Fillion’s Weight Loss Journey

Nathan Fillion was born on March 27, 1971. He became famous due to his roles as Captain Malcolm ‘’Mal’’ Reynolds on Firefly, Richard on the show Castle, and the most recent John Nolan on The Rookie. The actor has earned fame due to his acting. However, most of the news and gossip is around how much weight he has lost now. After the weight loss transformation, the attractiveness of the Nathan Fillion went up several notches. Fillion’s weight loss has only gained him even more publicity as the gossip hubs all around have a focus on him.

His Weight Loss Diet

His latest screen appearance has lead people to speculate that he has lost around 30 pounds at least. The actor is very much against weight loss procedures and tries to stay fit by good exercise and diet. Nathan Fillion’s trainer put him on a diet plan that has a lot of raw foods. It was a Keto diet combined with a vegan diet. This diet plan is high in proteins, as Nathan Fillion is only allowed to eat proteins and fibers for this regimen. For dinner, he opts to eat some vegetables and vegan meat.

According to his trainer’s recommendations, he has kept away from all sugary foods that might cause him to gain weight. This includes dairy products, carbohydrates such as pasta, and similar food groups. It is only through avoiding these kinds of meals that he has been able to see extraordinary results.

In addition to all this, he tends to avoid protein shakes that contain sugar or gelatin. To replace sugar in his diet, he likes to eat fruits. He also drinks his tea and coffee sugar-free. These methods have made his weight loss journey successful.

By taking all the precautions to make sure that his insulin levels remain low, he could burn off the pesky fat. If only it were easy to look that good! Nathan Fillion sure makes it look that way. However, it is due to the rigorous routine prescribed by doctors and trainers that he can see such tremendous results. He is also advised to stay clear of protein powders and supplements as he is against surgical or chemical means of getting into shape and prefers the natural route.


His Exercise Regime

It is due to the extensive medical assistance by his doctors and trainers that he was able to follow such a rigid routine. Fillion begins his mornings with yoga and exercise. He also believes in the notion that exercise is the most important factor for a healthy life. In addition to yoga, he also gets a good swim at the start of the day.

This practice makes him hungry and ready to eat some good food. His exercise regime is planned to help him gain the fit body he wants and to maintain a healthy weight as well. Even after a good workout, Nathan Fillion also enjoys other exercises such as cycling, running, and walking.

He also incorporates meditation into his life. According to Fillion, it’s the meditation that helps him remain mentally refreshed and energetic for the day. Fillion is also said to be doing workout routines practiced by other celebrities in addition to doing home workouts. The actor has made headlines, as the results of this extreme routine have left fans amazed. The fruits of this exercise were most definitely sweet.


Nathan Fillion never kept his weight loss journey a secret from fans, as he remained active on social media websites. He would share tweets regarding his weight loss as it is no doubt that the actor looks remarkably different in the before and after photos. Now, if you want to get as fit as Nathan Fillion, we suggest you jump off that sofa and get your cycle out. In addition to this, you will also need to eat healthier food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, brown rice, etc.

Easily digestible foods will be your best friend. Stay clear from supplements and protein powders. By incorporating these habits, you will lose weight and come out with glowing skin as well. These foods will provide you with the energy you need and aid your weight loss. In terms of exercise, try going out for a ride around the city on the bike.

If lockdown restrictions have you stuck at home, try investing in a stationary bicycle. Exercise in combination with a good diet will be sure to work wonders. With the right amount of dedication, even you can look like Nathan Fillion and shock everyone with what you have achieved.