Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Success

The weight loss journey frustrates and puzzles many trying to lose weight.  

Jorge Gracia is a renowned 43-year-old Hollywood actor who has had a tough time throughout his career due to his overweight body.  His friends, family and more so, his producers of ‘Lost’ wanted him to cut off his 400 pounds.

Jorge has, however, worked on his body with significant progress. Everyone could not help but be curious about how he has lost such considerable weight.

Here are some tips contributing to Jorge’s weight loss success;

Jorge first step towards losing weight

Garcia opened up on his eating habits and drinking problems which immensely contributed to his weight gain. He, however, stated that he had no problem being overweight until 2004 where he was selected to portray ‘Hurley’ in the ‘Lost’ tv series. 

The crew members and other few co-stars raised concerns about his size. As a result, he decided to silence their concerns and made his first step on the weight loss journey.

Jorge started his diet plans by taking high proteins, low carbohydrates, and he also gave up alcohol. He revealed to have lost 30 pounds and learnt much about the importance of taking care of himself.

The Vegetarian way

Right after his first step, Jorge adopted a major tactic in 2011. He decided to go the vegan way and cut all animal-based products in his diet. He was so passionate about being vegan that he shared on his blog how he made his almond oil after giving up on dairy products.


Jorge, in an interview, explained that he spent 2-3 hours daily. Although he did not lose his weight as fast as he had hoped, he tried and added more effort.

Some of the exercises which helped him include push-ups, sit-ups, arm circles, jogging and running.

Garcia after weight loss

Jorge has come a long way in his weight loss journey. Although he once ignored the diet plans and started consuming high carbohydrates and fats, he collected himself and remained fit and healthy.

Garcia’s hardworking dedication paid off as he managed to lose 100 pounds in just three years. The actor continues to observe his diet plans for a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

Facts about Jorge Gracia

  • Jorge was born on April 28, 1973, in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • His high school friends used to call him ‘baby-faced killer since wrestling was one of his main hobbies.
  • His character as Hugo Reyes on ‘LOST’ was specifically created for Jorge. This was after his producers spotted him on an episode ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ where he played a drug dealer, and there was no such character on the show.
  • Acting is not the only thing he is good at. He does stand up comedy during his spare time and uses his jokes and money for charities at benefit concerts.
  • His fans like sending him gifts; he once received dieting tea and  Slim Fat coupons as gifts.
  • Jorge is a great fan of dogs and owns a small chihuahua. 

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