Bridgerton Season 3 premieres May 16 with Penelope’s quest for love and liberty unfolding

Netflix’s series “Bridgerton” returns with a much-anticipated Season 3, split into two parts.

The first part premieres on May 16, followed by the second on June 13, promising to continue the series’ tradition of romance, drama, and Regency-era elegance.

The official Netflix Instagram teases fans with a captivating caption: “Every mirror tells a story… and Miss Penelope Featherington’s story is one that cannot be missed,” hinting at the central narrative of the upcoming season.

Season 3 shifts focus to Penelope Featherington, who, after years of unrequited love, decides to abandon her crush on Colin Bridgerton following his hurtful remarks.

Determined to find a husband who allows her the freedom to maintain her secret identity as the notorious Lady Whistledown, Penelope’s journey is fraught with challenges. Her lack of confidence leads to several failed attempts at making a match on the marriage mart.

Meanwhile, Colin returns from his travels transformed, adopting a new sense of style and confidence. He’s surprised to find Penelope, previously his most steadfast supporter, now distant and cold.

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In an attempt to restore their friendship, Colin offers to coach Penelope in confidence, not realizing that this mentorship might stir deeper feelings between them. As Penelope becomes more assertive and desirable, Colin faces the dilemma of his growing affection for her.

Adding to the complexity of Penelope’s life is her strained relationship with Eloise, who has found an unexpected new companion, and the increasing difficulty of keeping her identity as Lady Whistledown a secret as she becomes more prominent in society.

Season 3 is set to explore these relationships and the characters’ personal growth, all wrapped in the show’s signature glamour and intrigue.