Zac Efron: I’d be honored to Play Matthew Perry in a Biopic

Zac Efron, an actor recognized from movies such as “High School Musical,” opened up in a recent interview with People Magazine about his connection with Matthew Perry. The two actors collaborated on the film “17 Again,” and Efron is now considering portraying Perry in a biopic.

Matthew Perry, best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the hit sitcom “Friends,” passed away at the age of 54. Efron shared that Perry was more than a co-star to him; he was a mentor, especially in comedy. The time they spent together on the set of “17 Again” was significant for Efron, as he learned a great deal from Perry.

The idea of Efron playing Perry in a biopic stems from Perry’s own wishes. Perry had contemplated a movie about his life and saw Efron as the perfect actor to represent him. This thought came from their time working together in “17 Again,” where Efron played a younger version of Perry’s character, Mike O’Donnell. Perry was impressed with Efron’s portrayal and felt he was the right choice for the role.

Perry’s friend, Athenna Crosby, spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada about Perry’s aspirations for a biopic. Crosby shared, “He said that he wanted to make a movie about his life. And he had worked with Zac Efron in the past on a movie. He said that he wanted Zac Efron to play him as a younger version and that he was gonna ask him soon to do that.”

Crosby also highlighted Perry’s desire to share his story of recovery from addiction and to help others through his experiences. “He was just looking forward to sharing more about his story and his recovery from addiction, and really championing that cause to help more people. So he was so optimistic and happy about everything that he wanted to do.”

Reflecting on his relationship with Perry, Efron told PEOPLE at The Iron Claw premiere’s red carpet, “He was a mentor to me, and we made a really cool film together. I looked up to him, I learned comedic timing from that guy… It was so surreal for me to look across and have him be there, because I’ve learned so much from him, from his whole life.” Efron expressed his sadness about Perry’s passing, calling it “devastating.”

Regarding the potential of playing Perry in a biopic, Efron said, “We’ll see. I’d be honored to do it.”

Efron’s current project is “The Iron Claw,” a film that tells the story of the Von Erich wrestling family. This movie explores their rise to fame in the wrestling world and the challenges they faced, often referred to as the “Von Erich Curse.” Efron’s involvement in this project highlights his diverse acting abilities and his continued growth in the industry.

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