‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Special Effects Ranked From Bad To… Worst

Having waited for such a long time for Netflix to release season 4 of “Stranger Things”, as a true fan who followed the series from day 1, I was quite disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong – the storyline itself keeps giving us amazing plot twists.

However, there were many CGI elements that were done so poorly it made me cringe.

I will put up some screenshots of gore and nasty scenes ahead in the article, so if you’re gore-sensitive, look away!

A quick recap of seasons 1-4

“Stranger Things” has become one of the most popular and most-watched TV series in the history of TV. 

Disclaimer: There will be plenty of spoilers ahead.

The first season aired in 2016, and it followed a group of teenagers that go looking for their missing friend Will.

They soon discover that their town Hawkins hides many dark secrets, such as a hidden lab, in which they did human experiments.

One of those experiments is a girl that was number 11 (so they named her El), and she joins the teenage group in order to help them retrieve their friend from the dark side, the underground side of Hawkins called the Upside Down.

The next season follows Will, who remained strange after his friends got him back from the Upside Down. 

His friends Dustin, Mike, and others, quickly realize that the Upside Down is “stuck” inside Will – a.k.a. The Mind Flayer possessed him. 

Season 3 explains how the Mind Flayer works, as well as the teenage group finally casting him out of Will. 

It, unfortunately, stuck around in yet another person, Billy. 

After Billy sacrificed himself in order to save his sister Max, and El attempted to shut the gate to Upside Down completely, season 4 continues outside Hawkins. 

For instance, it brings us to Russia, where we see Hopper, alive, as a prisoner. 

We also see Max captured by another monster from Upside Down, as well as El back in the lab.

Honestly, with such amazing plot twists, I can easily say that season 4 is my favorite season so far. 

However, season 4 had some pretty cringy and bad moments, so read on to find out about them. 


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Top 5 worst CGI scenes in “Stranger Things”

Now, before I start bad-mouthing Stranger Things (Netflix, actually), I really want to guard myself and say this is simply fans’ opinion, not an insult of any kind!

I just took some notes while watching, and saw a couple of things that could’ve been done 1000x better, since the budget per episode for season 4 was an estimated $40 million

That being said, here are the worst 5 elements of season 4: 

  • Place 5 goes to the really bad zombie mom that appears in the first episode. I mean, we’ve seen many, many zombie movies and TV shows.  Not to mention the point of the zombie mom was not supposed to look like a zombie, but rather frighten us, which Netflix definitely did not accomplish. 
Stranger Things season 4: episode 1; screenshot
  • The Tinkerbell magic dust definitely takes fourth place. The Upside Down is a super scary, dark, and horror-filled space, so what is up with the fairy dust?
    The scene could’ve been much darker and better.
Stranger Things season 4: episode 7; screenshot
  • Place number 3 goes to another zombie, but the one that’s even worse. 

Do I need to explain any further?

Stranger Things season 4: episode 2; screenshot
  • Two very poorly edited CGI animals, the rabbit and the bats, share the second place. I mean, come on – Disney and Pixar could’ve done better. 
Stranger Things season 4: episode 7; screenshot
  • Paper Snow. Although not a CGI moment, this is the one scene in which they actually could’ve used CGI effect. Seriously, Netflix?
Stranger Things season 4: episode 6; screenshot