‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Special Effects Ranked From Bad To… Worst

Having waited for such a long time for Netflix to release season 4 of “Stranger Things”, as a true fan who followed the series from day 1, I was quite disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong – the storyline itself keeps giving us amazing plot twists.

However, there were many CGI elements that were done so poorly it made me cringe.

I will put up some screenshots of gore and nasty scenes ahead in the article, so if you’re gore-sensitive, look away!

Honestly, with such amazing plot twists, I can easily say that season 4 is my favorite season so far. 

However, season 4 had some pretty cringy and bad moments, so read on to find out about them. 


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Top 5 worst CGI scenes in ‘Stranger Things’

Now, before I start bad-mouthing Stranger Things (Netflix, actually), I really want to guard myself and say this is simply fans’ opinion, not an insult of any kind!

I just took some notes while watching, and saw a couple of things that could’ve been done 1000x better, since the budget per episode for season 4 was an estimated $40 million

That being said, here are the worst 5 elements of season 4: 

  • Place 5 goes to the really bad zombie mom that appears in the first episode. I mean, we’ve seen many, many zombie movies and TV shows.  Not to mention the point of the zombie mom was not supposed to look like a zombie, but rather frighten us, which Netflix definitely did not accomplish. 
Stranger Things season 4: episode 1; screenshot
  • The Tinkerbell magic dust definitely takes fourth place. The Upside Down is a super scary, dark, and horror-filled space, so what is up with the fairy dust?
    The scene could’ve been much darker and better.
Stranger Things season 4: episode 7; screenshot
  • Place number 3 goes to another zombie, but the one that’s even worse. 

Do I need to explain any further?

Stranger Things season 4: episode 2; screenshot
  • Two very poorly edited CGI animals, the rabbit and the bats, share the second place. I mean, come on – Disney and Pixar could’ve done better. 
Stranger Things season 4: episode 7; screenshot
  • Paper Snow. Although not a CGI moment, this is the one scene in which they actually could’ve used CGI effect. Seriously, Netflix?
Stranger Things season 4: episode 6; screenshot

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