Norman Reedus Takes Fans Behind-the-Scenes of “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon”

Norman Reedus gives fans an exciting glimpse into his next adventure in the upcoming spinoff series, “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.” The show sets itself apart by shifting the action from the U.S. to Europe and dives deep into an intricate plot that starts with Daryl’s unexpected journey in France.

In a recent behind-the-scenes video, Reedus shed light on the new series and what fans can expect. As he puts it, “Season one, it’s epic in scale. There are some very heartbreaking moments, some insane action moments.”

Given that the show is set in France, Reedus also mentions the fresh opportunities this European setting provides: “Shooting the show in France gives us a lot of opportunities to do things that we haven’t done before… it’s a castle here, it’s an abbey there, it’s the catacombs over here and the Eiffel Tower there.”

One of the central narratives revolves around Daryl being tasked with a pivotal mission by the Union of Hope, a religious group. They believe a child named Laurent is the key to humanity’s salvation.

Reedus described Daryl’s unexpected challenge, stating, “In season one, Daryl is first off trying to figure out where he’s at, how does he get out of here. Through circumstance, he ends up with a group of nuns, and for him to find his way back home, he’s got to follow a map that a priest has left behind with a young boy.”

Laurent, having lived his entire life with nuns, wants to experience the world as a regular child, but circumstances and the protective nature of his guardians make it challenging. “Laurent lived all his life with nuns. He wants to be a little kid who has friends, but it’s hard for him because he’s very protected,” Reedus added.

Isabel, a nun with a unique mission, believes in Laurent’s purpose. As Reedus shared, “Isabel is an unusual kind of nun. She’s part of a resistance network… she wants to help Laurent.” Amidst the chaos, they see Daryl as their protector, drawing him into a treacherous journey filled with surprises.

Daryl’s French adventure promises an elegant savagery, differing from what fans have come to expect. It’s an epic journey, and Reedus assures fans they’re in for a treat. As he summarized, “It’s this sort of epic journey and all of the turmoil that it creates on the way, and that this group is running from, it comes to haunt and hits in full force.”

In the face of potential threats, including a formidable French soldier, Reedus promises suspense, surprises, and a fresh perspective into “The Walking Dead” world.

Fans can look forward to Daryl’s next adventure premiering on September 10.