Michael Jordan Is Not Jimmy Butler’s Dad: They Are Not Related Either

Jimmy Butler, the sensational basketball player, has defied all odds to achieve massive success and become an NBA star.

He did not grow up in a typical loving family home. He was homeless at the tender age of 13 years. His father abandoned the family when Butler was still an infant. 

Jimmy Butler worked to become a five-time NBA All-Star and a five-time NBA All-defensive honoree despite his unfortunate childhood. 

There had been crazy rumors suggesting that Michael Jordan is Jimmy Butler’s long-lost father.

Rumors about Butler’s Father

There have been interesting stories on the internet that suggest Michael Jordan is Jimmy Butler’s father.

These speculations arise from claims that Michael Jordan abandoned a child back in 1988. He was married, but he stepped out of his married and sired a child.


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In fear of sabotaging his family, he paid the mother’s child to keep his secret and keep him out of their life.

The rumor goes ahead to say that the mother kicked the child out of the house at the age of 13 when the payments stopped.

This hearsay seems to align with Butler’s story of growing up. The two also seem to have some resemblance.

This further strengthens the suspicions brought about by these claims. 

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Is Jimmy Butler Michael Jordan’s son

The fact is, Michael Jordan is not Jimmy Butler’s father. Michael Jordan is said to have abandoned his child in 1988, a year before Jimmy Butler.

This eliminates the possibility of Jordan being his father. There is no evidence to link Jordan to Butler’s mother. 

This whole rumor lacks enough ground to make any conclusions. 

The similarity between Butler and Jordan is that they both played for the Chicago Bulls. They also worked together on an endorsement deal.

It is also said that Jordan once volunteered at Butler’s basketball camp when he was still young. That is about it when it comes to the relationship between the two.

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The Bottom Line

The conspiracy theory about Jimmy Butler being Michael Jordan’s son is far-fetched. It is not established whether the claims that Jordan fathered an illegitimate child are valid. But that child is certainly not Butler.

The whereabouts of Bulter’s father are not known, though Butler says that he still talks to both his parents and he loves them.

Early Life of Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler was Born on September 14th, 1989. He was raised in Houston, Texas, by his mother, Lona Butler, until the age of 13.

His mother threw him out, citing that she didn’t like how he looked.

Jimmy survived by crashing at his friends’ homes until Michelle Lambert, one of his friends’ mothers, took him in. 

Butler went ahead and became a star basketball player in Highschool and college. His basketball career took off.


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Despite his unusual upbringing, Jimmy Butler does not hold any grudges against his parents. 

He maintains a cordial relationship with them. He is grateful for what happened to him because it made him who he is today.