How The Island Boys’ Viral Fame Led to Financial Ruin

Just like the famous Ricky Gervais once said, “When Angelina and Brad see our next two adorable little presenters, they are going to want to adopt them.”

And thinking that The Island Boys are apparently broke, maybe that’s what they would actually want as well.

All jokes aside, the former TikTok sensation, The Island Boys, managed to lose all their money even though they were at the top at one certain point.

Let’s break it down and see what actually happened with twin brothers, Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas, formally known as The Island Boys.

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How did The Island Boys Get Famous?

Back in 2021, at the time two unknown personalities, twin brothers, Franky and Alex found themselves in jail and there they decided to pursue a rap career. I must say that was very original from The Island Boys!

Shortly after, in October 2021, a video of Franky and Alex performing their song “The Island Boys,” become viral on Twitter, and shortly after these two became a certified meme.

Their unordinary appearance was definitely a huge factor in them becoming a trending meme. I personally won’t call that success mainly because even though they became famous it wasn’t for positive reasons.

The two brothers literally became mascots, but again no marketing is bad marketing and in the end, it was upon them to try and make the best out of the situation, which they failed miserably as well.

After the viral video of the song and the whole meme thing, two brothers decided to release a full-length “I am an Island Boy” song backed with a music video.

It’s safe to say that the reviews were far from encouraging and after their live performance at the Miami Club Liv everything kind of went downhill for the controversial brother duo.

To make things even more interesting, in their podcast “2021 and Done,” Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, were watching the viral Island Boys video and their comments were hilarious at the very least.

But again, putting all that aside, at one point in their lives, The Island Boys were indeed famous and rich to some extent.

Their wealth mainly came from their YouTube channel and TikTok channel, but shortly everything they did became outdated and they began to rapidly lose everything they managed to scoop over a short period of time.

The Island Boys Are Broke Now!

As per some sources, The Island Boys have a net worth of approximately $700,000.

But, considering that they have a bunch of controversies behind them and on top of that they even have some unpaid debts, it is highly unlikely that The Island Boys have that much money.

Their former manager even went public in some podcasts stating that they still owe him money and that they are finished and broke.

“The Island Boys are currently facing multiple lawsuits and are experiencing heavy financial troubles.”

In the end, that was something to be expected of them considering how they act and what they were saying all the time.

Managing a lifestyle where everything is rented from their cars to their house is totally unsustainable even If u have millions at one point.

I mean they live in a rented 5000 square feet house and they used to drive around in rented Rolls Royce’s and other high-end vehicles.

Their spending habits are not something to brag about as well. They spend a lot of money on flashy bling and other unnecessary stuff and the funny thing is apparently they don’t even have the money to pay for it.

The ex-manager that claims they owe him something around $150k also said that because of the multiple lawsuits they also had to spend a lot of money on attorneys.

So, in the end, you do the math and think reasonably is that kind of a lifestyle ever sustainable?

Therefore, if you are not making a constantly big revenue you will eventually go broke at some point, especially if you are “an Island Boy.”