How Big is Yellowstone Ranch?

If you’re a Yellowstone fan, then you’ve been biting your nails waiting for season 4’s premiere. Other folks have been planning their perfect vacations for the holidays. And here’s your perfect chance to combine Yellowstone and your love for travel. Find out more about Yellowstone and where Kevin Costner’s Paramount series comes from!

How Big is The Ranch

The Yellowstone ranch is 2500 acres. It’s the perfect size to maintain while still living up to its “wild west” theme. The ranch is just outside of Moose, WY – which makes it close enough to Yellowstone National Park without actually being in the park!

Kevin Costner bought this land not only because he loved filming there but also for his son, who is a big outdoorsman. His son really loves living in Wyoming and going out to explore the vast wilderness there.

The land was originally owned by an oil company. Its location dates back all the way to when cowboys drove their herds from Texas.

Filming Yellowstone Location

When you think of the perfect location for your next trip, what do you imagine? This place is making that dream into a reality. Yellowstone has been filmed in several locations throughout America, but one spot stood out to producers as its true home. The Grand Tetons are where Kevin Costner’s ranch resides and it’s also an extension of Yellowstone National Park.

The Grand Tetons are a mountain range that stretches across Wyoming, Idaho and into Montana as well. The peaks stand at over 13,000 feet high (and some of them even higher than that). That alone is enough to make you want to visit this place!

Yellowstone Ranch Location on the Map

Since Yellowstone was filmed all over America, it’s been difficult to pinpoint where the ranch is located. With the Grand Tetons as a backdrop, though, you can bet it’s somewhere in this area. Yellowstone ranch likely isn’t too far away from the mountains.

Kevin Costner’s filming location for Yellowstone is simply beautiful! This spot looks perfect enough to be on its own TV show or movie just based off of these images alone. If you’re looking to visit somewhere in the United States, this is a great place and it’s your big chance!

Who was Chief Joseph

He was a noted leader of the Nez Perce Native American tribe in what is now Oregon, Washington and Idaho. He tried to escape forced relocation from their homelands by fighting a war against the United States Government. After he was captured, Chief Joseph won sympathy across the nation for his eloquent defiance before Congress.

Why was the Ranch Named Chief Joseph Ranch?

Kevin Costner has an affinity for Native American culture. He co-founded the American Indian College Fund and he also named his ranch after a real life character – Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph’s native tribe was Nez Perce, which means “pierced nose” in French. It references their tradition of wearing nostril plugs as part of their culture. This tribe also has a history of being friendly with the local white settlers during Costner’s lifetime, which is why he named his ranch after them!

Yellowstone Ranch Inspiration for Steve Butler

After seeing Chief Joseph in person while filming Yellowstone, Kevin Costner used him as inspiration when creating his character, “Steve Butler.” Steve is a very close version of the real life Chief Joseph and that’s why this ranch was named after him.

Chief Joseph even had his own tragic love story just like Steve Butler! He married a woman who died during childbirth, which is also what happened to Steve in episode six of season three. This shows how closely Kevin Costner modeled “Butler” after the real life Native American.

What is Yellowstone Ranch Used For Now?

The ranch was originally built for Kevin Costner’s family, but it now serves as a filming location for his TV series and major movie productions! This includes movies like The Post (2017) with Meryl Streep and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

When you visit the ranch, you’ll be able to see all of these iconic productions in real life! Kevin Costner has allowed fans a chance to tour his show’s sets before. This includes watching scenes being filmed from season three (the only year he directed episodes). The estate is also available for rent, so you can even have a wedding at this beautiful site!

So visit Yellowstone today for an exciting holiday experience!