Fans Still Feel Bad Over One ‘Friends’ Character

A Forgotten Character Who Touched Hearts.

Do you remember Gert from the TV show ‘Friends’? The show aired between 1994 to 2004, and it’s still watched by millions of people today. Gert was a small character, only appearing in one episode, “The One After I Do”. Yet, her character has sparked lots of talk among fans.

Gert, played by Rachel Snow, was a lady who tried to dance on Ross’ feet at Chandler and Monica’s wedding. The scene was funny because Gert was taller and a bit heavier than most women, making it hard for Ross to lift her. However, fans nowadays are not laughing.

Fans are starting to feel bad about this scene. They think it’s not right that Gert was made fun of because of her size. One fan said, “I hate it when movies or TV shows use someone’s looks for a joke.” This fan wishes that TV shows would show all kinds of people, not just those who look a certain way.

Of course, not everyone feels this way. Some people think it’s hard to change the way TV shows are made. Others say that Rachel Snow, who played Gert, was happy to be part of ‘Friends’. Unless Rachel says otherwise, we can’t know for sure how she felt about playing Gert.

Yet, it’s clear that Gert left a mark on ‘Friends’ fans. Even though she was only in one episode, people are still talking about her. This shows that fans care about how people look on TV. Maybe the conversation started by Gert will help make TV a better place for everyone.