Dr. Penelope “Penny” Blake on “Grey’s Anatomy” Is Hated Among Fans, But Why?

The Real Reason People Hate Penny!

Remember that character Penny Blake from “Grey’s Anatomy” fans used talking about?

The one you were probably wondering why people hate so much? I’ve thought about it and I think I can give you a breakdown.

First, Penny was one of the doctors on duty the night Derek had his accident. She didn’t push hard enough for a CT scan, which might have saved his life. Of course, medical errors occur, and it wasn’t solely her decision. But considering that Derek was a favorite character and she later ended up dating his friend Callie, it really didn’t sit well with a lot of fans.

Then there was this awkward dinner party at Meredith’s. Penny tried to leave a few times, knowing she wasn’t really wanted there. But Meredith, being Meredith, insisted she stays. The whole situation just exploded and was really uncomfortable for everyone. Could Penny have handled it better? Probably. But Meredith didn’t help the situation either.

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What really shocked me was when Penny transferred to Grey Sloan Memorial and was allowed to work directly under Meredith. That’s Derek’s widow! It’s such a clear conflict of interest. You’d think the hospital would have guidelines against such situations. In real life, it’s very unlikely that would be allowed to happen.

Things got even more tangled when Callie decided to move to New York. Penny didn’t take sides in the argument between Callie and Arizona about their daughter’s move. I mean, I can see why she didn’t feel like it was her place to intervene, but it still rubbed some people the wrong way.

And those speeches of hers! She had this habit of trying to express her feelings about Derek’s death to Meredith. Maybe she was trying to show empathy, but it came off as insensitivity. Meredith was grieving and hearing about Penny’s feelings just felt out of place.

Lastly, think about Penny’s decision to work at Derek’s hospital, where his widow and his sister were. It felt like she didn’t understand or respect the emotional impact her presence would have there.

Penny just seems to have been caught up in a series of unfortunate situations and didn’t always handle them well. It’s no wonder she’s a divisive character among fans.

Dr. Penelope “Penny” Blake, portrayed by Samantha Sloyan, was introduced to “Grey’s Anatomy” in Season 11. She became a regular character in Season 12, and she made her last appearance in the series in the Season 12 finale, which aired on May 19, 2016.

The character’s departure from the show was due to her decision to accept a prestigious grant in New York, leading to her and Callie Torres moving from Seattle to New York.