Does Andrew Santino Have a Wife?

Andrew W. Santino is a standup comedian, podcaster, and actor known for movies and series like Sin City Saints, Mixology, The Disaster Artist, Dave, and I’m Dying Here. 

Many wonder whether he has a wife.

Is Andrew Santino married?

Santino is married though he prefers keeping details about his marriage secret. 

He still talks about her in interviews.

He once discussed his marriage in the Good For You podcast in 2019 with Whitney Cummings.

He revealed they started as friends and were married for four years.

This means that he has been married for close to seven years as of 2022.

He revealed that they still had a healthy relationship after all the years together.

When asked about the time he knew his wife was the ideal partner, he stated that there was a specific moment he knew she was the one. 

Neither of the two wanted to get married at first.

Neither of the two wanted to get married.

They were not into the idea and had no intentions of building a family since they concentrated on their respective careers.

Andrew and his wife started going for couples’ counseling during their relationship due to various reasons.

He joked that they did not like their therapist since he had a different vibe, which was the beginning of their connection. 

Therapy Made Him Realize She Was The One

There was an incident while in therapy that made him realize she was the one.

He knew they would deal with their issues after a long session of being honest with each other. 

While they were quiet, some people started yelling outside their window, and the three burst out laughing. 

The rando shift in their mood made him realize she understood his sense of humor and that she was his ideal partner.

When talking about the relationship disputes, Santino revealed they argued because of misunderstandings which they solved when they apologized.

He confessed the secret to their good relationship with no boring moments is they both loved their careers and did different things. 

He Was Rumored to be Gay

The more than 6ft actor was rumored to be gay after he acted as Sally’s brother in the comedy series, How I Met Your Dad in 2014.

This was fueled after his performance in a standup comedy titled Everybody Was Gay in Third Grade.

In 2017, he posted a video on YouTube calling himself gay and making fun of it. 

While cheering the crowd, he joked about how everyone was gay in their third grade.

He said he played a recorder, wore sweatpants, and acted like one of them.

He revealed, 

“I was homosexual, bro, it wasn’t a question it was a fact, ed head kids skating backward, I was a gay man, I was gay when I was in the third grade, u were all gay in third grade.”

The gay jokes he stated resulted in more rumors that he was gay.

Apart from his role as a member of the LGBTQ community, he stated he was in a relationship with comedian Chris D’ Elia.

The two posted pictures of themselves together but did not show they had a relationship. 

The caption read, “Right before @chrisdelia and I beat the shit out of each other.”

Even though they never said they were in a relationship, they posted more pictures of them together.

The actor then randomly stated he was marrying him, and they wanted to start a family. 

He stated that Chris was the love of his life, and they would get married on the Amalfi Coast in San Cosma. 

The internet was crazy after the announcement.

Some accepted him, but many were disappointed by the news.

He later revealed it was a prank and that he had a wife.