Below Deck Fantasy: Fans Choose Their Preferred Yacht Roles

The reality television show “Below Deck” has been capturing the imaginations of viewers since it first graced our screens in 2013. As it takes us through the thrilling, luxurious, and sometimes turbulent lives of the crew members aboard a mega-yacht, it opens up a world that many of us can only dream of experiencing.

With its blend of stunning locales, lavish lifestyles, and engaging behind-the-scenes dynamics, “Below Deck” provides a tantalizing glimpse into the reality of working on a superyacht. The crew members, each playing their unique role in ensuring an unforgettable experience for the high-paying guests, have become as much a focus of the show as the luxury charters themselves.

But imagine if you were given the chance to trade places with a crew member on “Below Deck.” Which role would you choose? Recently, this question was asked on a Reddit thread, drawing a fascinating range of responses from fans of the show. The fans were given several options – Chief Stew, Second/Third Stew, Chef, First Mate/Bosun, Chief/Second Engineer, and Deckhand – with the condition that the Captain’s role was off-limits due to Maritime Law.

Many fans would chose the captain’s role due to the prestige and authority that comes with steering a superyacht. However, due to Maritime Law, this wasn’t an option in the poll. Here’s how the votes broke down among the 2,600 respondents for the other roles on the yacht:

Chief Stew

At 16.6%, the Chief Steward/Stewardess role was a popular choice among fans. Despite the immense pressure and responsibility that comes with managing the interior of the yacht and ensuring five-star service for the guests, many fans seemed ready to take on the challenge. Their reasons ranged from the opportunity to showcase leadership skills to having a closer interaction with guests.


As a restaurant manager I think I’d be happy as a chief stew!

Second / Third Stew

By far the most popular choice, with 41.5% of the votes, was the Second or Third Steward/Stewardess position. This role, while still challenging, offers a less stressful experience compared to the Chief Stew, with more focus on housekeeping and guest service tasks. Fans noted the chance to learn the ropes of yachting and the potential for growth as major draws.

One user said:

I would want to be a third stew so I can fold laundry all day. I work in retail so I’m good at folding clothes and I’m an introvert and talking to guests would give me anxiety, it seems awesome to be alone all day in laundry:P


4.5% of the respondents chose the role of the Chef. Those who selected this role seemed to relish the idea of crafting exquisite meals and showcasing their culinary creativity. Despite the pressure of catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, these fans seemed undeterred.

One commented:

Chef…only because that’s what I currently do for a living
Plus getting to work alone is great

First Mate / Bosun

The First Mate or Bosun role, which involves supervising the deckhands and assisting the captain, garnered 4.4% of the votes. Those who opted for this position appreciated the more technical, outdoors aspect of yachting, as well as the leadership responsibilities.

Chief / Second Engineer

Interestingly, only 156 chose the roles of Chief or Second Engineer. I’m one of them. This may be due to the highly specialized knowledge required for maintaining and repairing the yacht’s mechanical and electrical systems.

One said:

Chief Engineer, behind the scenes getting things done and not part of the drama


Similarly, the Deckhand role, which involves maintaining the exterior of the yacht and assisting with guest activities, didn’t receive many votes. This might reflect the physically demanding nature of the role, which can involve long hours working outside in all sorts of weather conditions.

These results offer a fascinating insight into the appeal of different roles on a superyacht, as seen through the eyes of Below Deck fans. Each role presents its own unique set of challenges and rewards, and it’s clear that fans have a deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into running a successful charter.