Are The Hanson Brothers Religious?

If you were born in the ’90s, you probably know Hanson’s MMMBOP track back and forth. The band burst into the music scene with eccentric long blond hair cuts and catchy tunes that transmogrified the industry.

The brothers were endearing but wholesome. They deviated from the hackneyed swearing and run-of-the-mill head-bang antics associated with rock music. Yet, there was still an air of coolness and bravado about them that set them from the rest. 

The band oozed boundless confidence and a mammoth fanfare in the sweet ’90s. 

Well, as you know, fame attracts all manner of scandals. Unfortunately, the Hanson brothers had to be a part of it. 

An interview with Christianity Today turned into a snoop-fest for tabloids. The media dug deeper to unearth the truth behind the Brothers’ religion. 

The three brothers maintained their dodgy tone, seldom leaving information crumbs for the inquisitors. This agitated them more to uncover the truth.

Hanson brothers Religion

The Hanson brothers are members of the Hanson band composed of brothers Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zac Hanson.

They are three of seven siblings raised in a Christian setting. But the brothers seldom discuss their religion in the press. It is for this reason that rumors hit the fan that they are not religious.

In an exclusive with Christianity Today, Zac laid himself bare and declared his views about religion. He said, “I do consider myself a Christian.” While making this revelation, Zac Hanson also noted that their religion has been the subject of spite due to gossip and idle banter!

“…I think, unfortunately, it can be a barrier to people,” Zac observed as he weighed the impact of religion.

But isn’t this true?

People judge others because of religion and this could be the reason the Hanson brothers keep theirs under wraps.

Are Hanson Brothers religious?

While the Hanson brothers are not religious, they’re still good people. 

They were raised and schooled in an evangelical Christian home and even attended church regularly. But after growing up, all three of them stopped believing in the existence of God or any form of religion. They don’t see themselves as religious anymore because their values have changed since then.

Yet, the band focuses on doing good around the world. They even avoid inserting Christian messages in their songs to amass universal fanfare! 

Well, they say everyone has their right to religion. But it doesn’t mean being without religion should attract damnation. You might even argue that religion is the very reason for division and hate in the first place!

So, what music genre does the Hanson Band associate with?

Generally, the Hanson Band doesn’t identify as a metal rock band. Yet, the brothers pledge their faith and support in their music.

The Band also uses Christian nuances in their music to advance the Christian Charity works they operate with.

With this spirit and hearts of gold, the brothers have scaled up their talent and music without invoking religion! You must admit that they are of different mettle when it comes to music, charity, and tours. You name it!