Why Did Hannibal Quit Eric Andre Show?

Have you ever wondered what the story is behind Hannibal Buress quitting The Eric Andre Show? Well, if not, here’s the scoop.

Why Did Hannibal Quit Eric Andre?

Hannibal Buress quit Eric Andre because he was tired of the show format.

Before Buress’ exit, Eric Andre opened up about the actor’s abrupt decision to leave. In the revelation, Andre discloses that Buress decided to quit when they started discussions for the new season.

According to Eric, Hannibal refused to be a part of season five since he was tired of the format! He craved something new.

While Andre regrets losing his comedy partner, he convinced Hannibal to return for a couple of episodes.

Hannibal himself refused to comment on the reasons for the fallout. Having gained a lot of clout appearing in the show and other comedy gigs, maybe it was time he moved on.

However, it seems that there is no bad blood between Hannibal and Eric Andre. Hell! It wouldn’t be a shocker if Hannibal returned as a permanent host for season six!

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The Rumors

According to one source, it is due to the lack of respect from his co-workers on this show.

Another reason for his departure might be because of some racially insensitive jokes made about Buress.

It could also have been something else entirely different, but whatever it was caused a lot of tension between them.

Eventually, they parted ways mutually after four seasons together (The A.V. Club).

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What does Hannibal Do Now?

Hannibal has since gone on to release his own Netflix special called Animal Furnace.

He also became a regular guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. 

So if you are still wondering what happened with Hannibal Buress quitting The Eric Andre Show for good, now you know!