Was Barry White Jailed?

Barry White spoke the language of romance. Unlike other performers, he delivered his compassionate sentiments in a deep, soulful voice.

White claimed that his seductive songs were psalms to his wife, Glodean. Furthermore, his lush arrangements painted him the epitome of cuddly soul music and love in the 1970s.

But to rise to such glamour, the king of bedroom ballads endured a long, rough path.

In a controversy-filled lifestyle, White could have followed his brother’s footsteps, spending most of his adult life in jail. Instead, music saved Barry White.

Was Barry White Jailed?

Yes. White earned a conviction for assault with intent to kill after stabbing one man with an ice pick, which led him to prison between 1958-1959.

Police authorities had charged White multiple times on various counts ranging from gun possession to violating parole.

Before this, he had been in and out of juvenile hall facilities.

However, it all changed when he began dating Glodean James while she worked at Artistic Records. Soon Barry would get married and start a new life around music.

Barry White’s life of crime

Barry White’s brother, Darryl, was one of the leading figures in soul music. However, he also spent time behind bars for crimes ranging from drug offenses to armed robbery.

White witnessed his older sibling’s troubles with prison firsthand. However, this wasn’t enough to deter him away from a life of crime himself.

He started smoking marijuana at age 12 and, by 15, had become addicted. At 17 years old, he dropped out of high school after stealing students’ auto equipment.

By 20 years old, White already had four children. He soon became drawn into pimping prostitutes as well as dealing drugs across Los Angeles County.

During this era, many musicians scored their financial success through illegal activity-drug sales were the major source of revenue for the music industry.

When did Barry White start singing professionally?

After meeting producer Raynoma Mayberry Liles, White secured a contract at 20th Century Fox Records.

However, his first two singles were unsuccessful, and he soon found himself without any work.

But this didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams as he kept working towards becoming the star musician that everyone knows today.

After many years of struggling through life, Barry’s career took off when he signed with Mercury Soul City Records in 1969.

His debut album I’veI’ve Got So Much To Give, became an instant hit, selling over one million copies worldwide. White became a top performer within R&B music with this album.

He also had a successful tour across Europe, where fans praised his unique style and voice.

Never Give Up

Barry White was an inspiration to many.

He started at the bottom but pursued his dreams until he became one of the best soul musicians ever to live.

Despite all of life’s obstacles, Barry never gave up on what mattered-his music. His unique voice and style helped him find success through romance during the 1970s era when people felt lost in love. 

What a story! White’s rags to riches story sure motivate you to get up and get it!