Is Corey Taylor Vegan?

When Corey Taylor and Alicia Taylor decided to open a plant-based taco truck, tongues got wagging.

The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman planned to launch the ‘vegan’ initiative soon as COVID restrictions were relaxed.

Why did they make this decision? Was it because of health reasons? For ethical reasons? Or did they want to be healthier in general?

Is Corey Taylor Vegan?

Corey Taylor has been a vegetarian for most of his life but stopped eating meat when he became an adult. When news of the plant-based taco truck broke, fans wondered whether his veganism was just a fad.

Corey wanted everyone to know that he did not become vegan for any reason other than personal health reasons. He stated that “It’s been three years since I have really committed myself fully.”

Taylor went on about how much healthier he has felt after going plant-based and being gluten-free. The star also quoted Beyonce Knowles’ pro-vegan slogan that animals are “innocent creatures of this world.”

What do you think about him going vegan? Do you doubt or question whether he is vegan or not?

After all, it’s not every day that you hear of someone going from carnivore to a full-fledged plant-eater overnight!

As always, Twitter had tons of questions about this whole thing – but only one person could answer them.

“I’m far from perfect,” said Corey on social media after some thought that maybe the star wasn’t truly vegan. He stressed how hard it could be for people who want to commit but don’t know where or how they can start.

The Taco Truck

When they opened the truck, Corey Taylor took to Twitter to explain why they opened the amenity.

Corey Taylor and Alicia Taylor decided to open a plant-based taco truck for their love of food. And what’s healthier than vegan tacos?

Corey even mentioned that he had never eaten anything like it before in his life!

Where can you find them?

The couple started with their restaurant but is now looking into other opportunities around the country. 

They’re planning on making appearances at music festivals all over America where fans will be able to enjoy their delicacies.

Who is the taco truck open to?

Corey Taylor’s vegan taco stand is open to anyone!

It’s a place that serves American food with Mexican influences. Corey himself is quoted saying that he has never tasted anything like it before in his life!

 “I’m blown away,” said the musician on social media after trying tacos at his joint.

He also added that he loves plant-based cuisine. Why? Because of its versatility – one can go from barbecue to Italian and Mexican without having any problems whatsoever!

You can find their restaurant through Twitter as well as Facebook. They haven’t set up an official website yet but are planning on doing so soon.

Corey and Alicia’s decision to go vegan arose from health concerns. Corey admitted that he did it for his health and wished others to join him in living healthy!