Can Amanda Seyfried Really Sing?

The question on many people’s minds is this: Can Amanda Seyfried really sing?

There are many skeptics out there who don’t believe that the artist they know and love as Amanda Seyfried can sing.

Seyfried’s lack of live performances prompted these inquiries. Many fans admitted that her voice was too perfect, and she was aided by autotune and editing software.

Can Amanda Seyfried Sing?

Yes. Amanda is an immensely talented and trained singer. She trained in opera singing until she was 17, then quit. In an interview with Celeb News, the singer admitted that she regretted quitting opera singing training.

Many people say that her voice sounds too perfect like it was recorded in the studio with autotune. Others even claim that some other type of editing software aids her voice.

For example, one YouTube commenter wrote:

I’m not buying it. She doesn’t sound like she has any emotion while singing. The way her voice goes up and down should show some sort of passion for music but I just see someone who’s reading off lyrics.

And then others think that she is just a bad singer who uses autotune to sound good. 

One commenter wrote:

I think the girl can’t sing, she sounds like an airy frog.

If they’re fake, how does her voice go through so many different changes and transitions without editing? And if her songs are truly genuine pieces of art created by herself (most of them are), then why doesn’t she perform live concerts?

Why can’t she perform where everyone can see for themselves whether or not she sings well enough on stage?

The answers to these questions are unknown. 

Amanda’s career began when she was six years old and saw a piano in the music store. She begged to take lessons, but her mother refused because of money issues.

However, at age eight, she wrote and recorded songs on her neighbor’s keyboard. Her parents sent some of these recordings to radio stations.

Amanda’s recordings became quite popular among listeners despite being sung by such a young girl.

Her parents decided to pay for extra lessons so that she could learn how to play other instruments.

When she was 11, she began to play in clubs where people would pay her for their drinks. She continued this until the time when she turned 15 and called it quits.

After leaving school at age 16 (she had skipped two grades), Amanda worked as an assistant teacher. She also maintained her lessons on the piano, guitar, and violin.

At 18 years old, she had released three albums, consisting of cover songs or traditional music pieces. However, there are some original tracks she made in each album.

One is Why I Left, while the other two are named Bookworms Unite! and The Heartbeat of the Underdog.

Although she has won awards and amassed popularity, skeptics still don’t believe Amanda Seyfried can sing.