Who Is Metal Lee’s Mother? The Mystery Behind His Real Mom

You must be a Naruto fan if you’re looking for an answer to who is the mother of Metal lee.

Being an anime lover drives you crazy because you’re excited about learning and discovering every bit of information.

As a Naruto fan, you are familiar with Metal Lee. But the question that leaves us surprised and puzzled is who Metal Lee’s mom is.

Who is Metal Lee’s Mom?

Metal Lee doesn’t have a mom and Rock Lee doesn’t have a wife, yet.

During the Boruto movie countdown, when asked who is Metal Lee’s mother, Masashi Kishimoto said she is not drawn yet. His mom hadn’t appeared yet due to circumstances, he added.

Maybe she will appear in the series later on or maybe we’ll just find out that she died during childbirth or similar.

Is Tenten Metal Lee’s Mother?

It is said that Tenten’s eyes are similar to those of Metal Lee, which would indicate that she is his mother. In the series, Tenten and Rock Lee had a very good bond and she cared about Rock Lee a lot.

People assume that Tenten is the mother of Metal Lee as they both have similar traits in the series.

But all these assumptions are made by the fans after observing the relationship between Rock Lee and Tenten.

Moreover, the fans also speculated that Kurotsuchi is Metal’s mom. It will be surprising if she is the mother of Metal because the fans have never encountered a relationship between Rock Lee and her.

But before getting involved in this discussion let’s pay attention to the girls that were on the show and from Rock Lee’s age group.

Well, those girls were Tenten, Kurtosuchi, and Ayame. Most people say Kurtosuchi is not in competition with Rock Lee so there’s no chance for her to be the mother of Metal Lee.

Besides, Tenten has a good position because she took care of Rock Lee in some episodes. It is therefore probable that she is the mom of Metal Lee. But once again, there is no confirmation of it from the makers of this series.

Further exploring the fact that Tenten may be the mother of Metal, we figured out that Metal Lee is almost like a shy person who’s often uncomfortable in front of people.

That kind of Metal is the exact opposite of his father Rock Lee. So, he could have inherited such a thing from his mother.

There were only two girls in the whole Naruto series who had timid nature and those were Tenten and Hinata.

Since Hinata is married to Naruto, just Tenten remains with the probability of being Metal Lee’s mom. The Rock and Tenten couple is more sensible than any other couple. 


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Just like Tenten, Metal Lee is professional in the use of weapons. Tenten herself is well-versed in the use of weapons. Just a reminder that all these facts are based on the observations that fans made.

The makers of this series did not confirm any of these also they did not say anything about the mystery of Metal Lee’s mom. Maybe it’s kept a secret just to engage viewers so they can remain curious to get to know more facts.

In the series, it was shown that Rock Lee is the father of Metal Lee, but his mother is a mystery that every Naruto fan tries to solve based on their understanding.