Is Kurapika a Girl?

“I don’t remember telling you I was female. Don’t rely on appearances, pay more attention to what you are saying, they could be your last words.”

Addressed as “he”, but the face, shoes, and hair looking like a woman’s. But what gender exactly is Manga Kurapika from the Hunter x Hunter series?

While many are still confused about whether Kurapika is a boy or a girl, there are some hints that will lead us to ‘his’ real gender. 

Togashi, the brain behind Kurapika’s character design is known for creating confusing characters. He has written about the difference between transgender people to give the idea of how girls can just be as tough, smart, and cool as boys. Therefore, he creates characters who have similar traits as boys. He even makes it hard for anyone to determine which gender is the character.

People claim that Togashi keeps people “in the dark” on purpose.

Togashi gave Kurapika the hair, eyes, voice, and shoes that look like a woman’s but then Kurapika is referred to as he. 

Kurapika is a boy. Here’s why

Some pictures and conversations between the characters reveal the real gender of Kurapika. 

Here’s an excerpt from part of the manga, you don’t need any more explanation than this.

When Kururo wa in the car with Kurapika, Leorio, and Senritsu, he looked at Kurapika for long and in a weird way. Kurapika was concerned about the look and triggered a conversation that sheds light on this matter.

Kurapika: What are you looking at?

Kururo: Nothing. I just hadn’t thought that the one we were searching for was a woman.

Kurapika: I don’t remember telling you I was female. Don’t rely on appearances, pay more attention to what you are saying. They could be your last words.

It’s clear that Kururo annoyed him for calling him a woman yet he was male.

More Light

In Volume 14 of the Manga, Kurapika was half-naked on top. He had a flat chest. Leorio’s girlfriend even called him a flat chest bitch. More confusion? No. He’s male. Here’s proof.

The movie’s craters can be pervert enough to display a female teen half-naked on the popular series.

There are no pictures of him wearing the traditional Japanese female clothes like the skirts. His traditional costume isn’t a skirt too!

He dresses like a guy. Even though his voice actors are female, it doesn’t mean he is female! Gon and Killua’s voice actors are also female. Female voice actors can be used on male characters to show their gentleness. It is always common in Japan.

There you have it. Just looking at his hair and eyelashes does not make him a girl! Kurapika is a boy and there is no doubting that. We also assume the creator designed him on purpose and also loves the discussion!

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