This Twilight Character Deserves His Own Spin-Off

Why Carlisle Cullen Is The Real Star of Twilight Who Deserves His Own Spin-Off?

Let’s be real, the Twilight series is a trip! But what if I told you there’s an untapped gold mine of a story hidden in plain sight? And no, it doesn’t involve sparkling abs or teenage love triangles. It’s all about Carlisle Cullen.

Can you imagine Carlisle, our favorite vampire dad, dressed as a priest during the English Civil War? But he’s not just any priest. Nope, he’s a vampire hunter with a belt full of stakes and holy water. T

he guy who’s currently teaching his vampire family to live on animal blood, was once hunting his kind! If that’s not a plot twist, I don’t know what is.

The adventures don’t stop there. Carlisle packs his bag, (probably filled with stakes and holy water) and sets off to explore the world. France, Germany, Rome – he’s been there, done that.

Along the way, he even decided to live with the Volturi, the vampire royalty. Talk about being brave! Knowing the Volturi and their love for all things weird and terrifying, Carlisle probably saw some really crazy stuff.

And then he came to America, before the Europeans did. Yes, our globe-trotting vampire doc got to meet the Quileutes first.

I mean, if you’re gonna live forever, might as well make history, right? But there’s one place he never visited, Alaska. Maybe he wasn’t a fan of the cold, or perhaps he was just bummed about the lack of vegetarian vampires around. Who knows?

Now, let’s talk about love. You’re telling me that in his 300 years of existence, Carlisle only fell in love once? With Esme? Come on! The man must’ve dated before. After all, even vampires need some romance, right?

So, if we ever need another Twilight book or movie (and who doesn’t), let it be about Carlisle. Trust me, the guy’s got enough stories to fill a trilogy.

And with the Twilight fandom coming back stronger than ever, this is a one-way ticket to the top for Stephenie Meyer. So, how about it, Meyer? Ready to give Carlisle the spotlight he deserves?