Who is Michael Mando’s Wife?

Most of you know Michael Mando from his brilliant performance of Nacho in “Better Call Saul,” while the gaming enthusiasts might recognize him as the voice of Vaas Montenegro in “Far Cry 3”. 

Michael Mando

A couple of months ago, Michael turned 41 and fans couldn’t help but notice that there’s no significant other to be found by his side. 

Does Michael have a wife? Is he married? Or, does he have a girlfriend at least? 

Is Michael Mando Married?

Unfortunately, this famous Canadian actor wasn’t lucky enough to find that special someone. 

In fact, his love life is such a mystery that fans don’t even know whether he ever had a girlfriend, which prompted questions about his sexuality as well. 

Michael is extremely private and even his personal Instagram profile is locked. Therefore, we can’t get our hands on any of his personal pictures.

We do know that Michael isn’t married, but we can’t say with certainty that he is or isn’t single at the time.

Maybe Michael just couldn’t find that special someone or he’s simply too preoccupied with his career, amongst other things.

Funny thing is that in 40 years of his life, there is only one known girlfriend according to CelebsCouples. Another piece of information that is available is that Michal was never engaged in his life.

Rhea Seehorn is Michael’s co-star on “Better Call Saul” and at one point these two were linked together. This was kind of unexpected as Rhea is happily married. Therefore, rumors lasted only for a brief time. It turned out as expected that these two were just very good friends.

Recently some pictures surfaced with Michael and a mystery girl, but at this point, we do not know if that is his girlfriend or who she really is. Her identity remains unknown for the time being.

Michael Mando’s Romantic History

As we said, Michael’s life is as private as they come. 

There’s absolutely no information about his previous girlfriends and according to numerous outlets, he has never been engaged or married.

While some sources do suggest that Michael’s had a few public “flings” in nightclubs and house parties, it’s not likely that he’s been in long relationships with those women. 

What’s more, we can assume that they aren’t in the movie industry like he is. If there were any A-list relationships, it would’ve been much harder to hide them from the public. 

Is Michael Mando Gay?

Since no one can really confirm any of Michael’s past girlfriends, it’s not surprising for fans to start questioning the handsome actor’s sexuality. 

However, even though it’s a bit strange that someone as famous as Michael isn’t married or has publicly revealed any of his exes, that doesn’t automatically mean that he’s gay. 

For what we know, he might not be ready to commit yet and doesn’t like sharing. 

Furthermore, there are some Twitter images dating back to 2016 where we can see him being cozy with an anonymous woman, while she’s hiding her face from the camera. 

This alone can be enough proof that the actor isn’t gay.