Let’s be Honest, Tom Holland Still Promotes ‘The Crowded Room’ Because it’s Part of His Contract

Tom Holland’s “Resilience” or Just Fulfilling Contractual Obligations?

Opinions are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Everyone has one, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry’s hottest property, Tom Holland.

Despite the bad reviews of his recent Apple TV+ thriller series, “The Crowded Room,” Holland has shown his resilience in promoting the show. But let’s be honest, isn’t it more likely he’s doing it because he’s contractually obligated?

Holland: ‘Very Resilient’ or Just Doing His Job?

Holland has come out and said that despite “The Crowded Room” being ‘so horribly reviewed,’ he’s promoting it because he’s ‘very resilient.’

While it’s commendable to see an actor standing by his work, even when critics aren’t singing its praises, it’s hard not to wonder if there’s more to it. It feels more like he’s still talking about the show because it’s part of his contractual duties, rather than pure resilience.


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The Storytelling Issue

“The Crowded Room” has a narrative problem. The character Holland plays is interesting, but the way the story unfolds and how characters are treated makes it pretty predictable for the viewer.

The twist seems to be there more for the sake of having a twist than for it actually serving the story. To quote M. Night Shyamalan, “What a twist!” But a twist for the sake of having one doesn’t automatically make a story compelling.

The Spider-Man Persona Shadow

Holland and his agent seem to be making a concentrated effort to counter his Spider-Man persona with these dark, “I’m not a kid anymore” roles.

However, it’s not quite hitting the mark. These roles feel more like a deliberate attempt to prove he’s not just the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we all know and love, rather than choices that suit his acting strengths.

He has an undeniable charm and energy that might be better suited to roles that play to these strengths.

Resilience or Obligation?

At the end of the day, I do admire Holland’s resilience in promoting “The Crowded Room” despite the poor reviews. But let’s be realistic. It’s highly likely that he’s required to do so because of his contract, and that’s OK.

He’s a professional doing his job, and sometimes that job involves promoting work that didn’t land as hoped. Whether it’s resilience, obligation, or a mix of both, one thing is for sure: Holland is dedicated to his craft.

And that’s something we can all appreciate, even if “The Crowded Room” isn’t.