Why Did Devon Leave Letterkenny?

If you are a comedy fan you could be missing out if you have not watched Letterkenny. For the fans of this hilarious piece, they were caught by surprise when Devon could no longer be seen starring in this award-winning series after the first two seasons.

Alexander De Jordy aka Devon is among the pioneers of this super exciting piece who thrilled fans with his creativity but he left the comedy series after such a short stint.

A section of the fans believes that Devon will make his comeback in the later episodes of Letterkenny.

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What happened to Devon on Letterkenny? Why did he leave?

Devon left Letterkenny probably because he was a minor character.

As we all know minor characters do not play major roles and are eliminated before the end of the series.

Despite the fans falling in love with Devon in the first and second seasons, he had to exit the scene so that Stewart’s role would be cemented as a major character.

However, many fans did not expect Devon’s exit to happen abruptly.

The creators of the series probably wanted to leave fans in suspense.

Will Devon appear again in Letterkenny? We have to wait till the end of the series.

Devon makes his debut in the comedy series in its first episode and leaves it in St Perfect Day.

Since Devon is Stewart’s childhood friend, he assumes the role of Stewart’s right-hand man. Stewart is the leader of the skids. 

The kids love to spend their time around the Dollar store or their leader’s basement (Stewart basements).


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The life of the skids revolves around drug use, music and video games.

Devon emerges as a creative guy who loves the skids’ way of life. When Stewart falls in love with Katy, he emerges as the leader of the skids.

Devon leaves Letterkenny in St Perfect Day without explanation leaving Stewart to take control of the skids.

The cause of his leaving is not explained in the second season creating suspense.