Is Antonio Garza Trans?

Antonio Garza is a YouTube star, beauty enthusiast,  makeup artist, and social media influencer. The fast-rising star started her career in 2018 and has quickly risen to prominence. 

She has built a huge fanbase on her social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

She has been making headlines for her striking looks and questions about her gender. Keep reading to understand more about the star’s personality and gender. 

Is Antonio Garza Trans?

Yes, Antonio Garza was born male, but she currently identifies as a transgender female. 

Despite being one of the most famous makeup artists, questions about her gender have kept her in the media. 

One of the questions that cross people’s minds whenever they come across her content is how to address her. 

People wonder whether to address Garza as she/he or trans, more so when commenting on her videos. 

More often, you will see people addressing her using him/his.  Some of his fans may also address her using incorrect pronouns to like it/them.

However, Antonio Garza was born male, but she currently identifies as a transgender female. 

Although she was assigned male at birth, Gaza transitioned to being female. 

Unlike other transgender celebrities, Antonio does not like to talk about her gender despite her fans insisting on knowing, she still wants to keep it under the radar.

Does she have a boyfriend?

Due to her popularity, it is only natural for people to be curious about who keeps her busy besides her career life.

But, just like most celebrities, Garza has kept her love life unknown to the public.

Some of her fans think he might be too young to be in a relationship, or she is having a secret affair.

However, on April’s Fools’ day,2019, she tweeted that he had finally gotten a boyfriend. But she ended her tweet with “April Foolz ”. 

Now, in late 2022 Garza is not dating anyone.

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