How Many Languages Does Shakira speak?

The famous Colombian singer Shakira has been ruling the industry with her beautiful and versatile voice and talent and there’s so much she’s not given credit for. 

But, did you know that Shakira can speak multiple languages fluently? Shakira speaks seven languages in total.

We have seen her sing in multiple languages and that wasn’t just because of the sake of the song, she can genuinely speak those languages without any trouble. 

What Languages Does Shakira Speak?

Shakira is fluent in Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish, French, Catalan and Arabic.

She learned these languages as she grew up listening to the music of diverse languages and since she was born in Colombia, she has had a background that’s more unique than most artists out there. 

She was exposed to a rich culture and people of different ethnicities which grew her interest in learning multiple languages. 

Because of her versatile talent, she has become one of the most selling artists in Colombia and there is no doubt in the fact that she is recognized globally as a hit artist. Only after she got so successful did she decide to grow her personality which led to her learning multiple languages.

English and Spanish

She learned English and Spanish as her native languages in Colombia and grew up speaking in those languages. She learned Catalan too during the time she lived in Barcelona.

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While she learned Portuguese fluently on a concert tour in Brazil while she was only a teen.


The same goes for Italian. She learned the language while she was traveling and exploring Italy. She spent a good enough time there to be able to learn the language fluently.


She believes in living richly and with respect and therefore she chose to learn Arabic as well. It’s amazing how she has great accents in all of the languages that she speaks including Arabic.

She can fluently speak Arabic and understand the language well. Her name in Arabic means “to be thankful” which is beautiful. Her active philanthropic activities also had a huge impact on her wanting to learn multiple languages. She wanted to understand more about the people she was helping and what better than to connect with people through a similar language that brings a feeling of familiarity.

She didn’t want to feel foreign towards people and she believes it’s a great way to connect with people. To speak the language they speak. 

She believes in hard work and she credits her language learning to her four-step theory which helped her greatly. She believes in preserving through mistakes, using real-life resources, understanding the source of her desire to learn and then finally immersing herself daily and devoting herself to learning something new about the language on a regular basis.  

Her love for growth and learning is truly inspirational as she devoted herself to learning three completely foreign languages just because she wanted to and because she desired to. 

Shakira has a bold and strong personality as she comes from a poor background she alone got herself to where she is today. She had immense support from her family and she loves her eight siblings and parents. There’s not much about the singer that you can hate.