Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Net Worth Compared: Who is Worth More?

Celebrity marriages and relationships form a huge chunk of the gossip in Hollywood.

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Today, let’s talk about assets and wealth.

And who else is better to look into other than Hollywood’s shining couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively!

They have been in the industry for a long time, and their financial success is constantly on an upward trend.

Ryan Reynolds is at the peak of his career, earning blockbuster roles in Deadpool, Fool-Proof, and The Proposal.

His wife, on the other hand, has been making waves in the modeling industry!

This begs the question of who is worth more, Blake Lively or Ryan Reynolds?

Let’s find out!

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Blake Lively’s Net Worth

She is one of the highest-earning actresses in Hollywood and has a net worth of $30 million!

She makes her money through endorsements (for brands like Neutrogena, Pantene, Bulgari), movies (The Age of Adaline, Shall We Dance ?), and television appearances on shows such as Gossip Girl, among others.

Blake’s career as a model has also been instrumental in adding to her net worth.

When she landed her role in Gossip Girl, she began making a salary of $75,000 per episode. Just imagine how much her income must have increased since then?

Her latest role in The Age of Adaline earned her wide acclaim and was a box-office hit, earning $42 million worldwide!

Ryan Reynolds’ Net Worth

He has been very successful with his movie roles.

Combining this with endorsement deals has added up to give him an impressive net worth of $150 million!

His wife’s earnings are just icing on the cake for Ryan.

The talented actor also invests heavily in various business ventures, including restaurants and real estate.


His big break came when he landed the lead role in Green Lantern, which racked up more than $220 million at the Box Office Worldwide. It made him one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors during that time.

After this, there was no looking back for the actor.

He starred in the romantic comedy Just Friends, earning worldwide appreciation for his role as a hilarious gay best friend!

Reynolds’ biggest achievement to date is Deadpool which won him plaudits from critics and audiences alike.

The movie earned more than $780 million at the box office!

Who is Worth More Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively?

It is clear that Blake Lively has a lower net worth than her husband, but it doesn’t make her any less successful!

With a combined net worth of $180 million, they are one of the wealthiest couples in Hollywood.

Ryan Reynolds has starred in several blockbuster movies. He also has a number of Oscar nominations under his belt.

The Dead Pool actor once became the highest-paid actor per paycheck when he starred in the movie in 2016. According to rumors, he made an astonishing 20 million dollars plus backend participation.

The cheddar from Deadpool brought his estimated earnings between June 2015 and June 2016 to around 80 million dollars.

His paychecks have only gone up since then.

Blake Lively’s net worth of $30 million is not too shabby either! She has been very successful with her acting career, endorsements, and TV shows.

With all of these combined, she makes quite a fortune on an annual basis. Her net worth isn’t as high as Ryan Reynolds’, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the couple is Hollywood Royalty.

With their hard work and commitment to the industry, their net worth as a couple will definitely increase exponentially.