Does Ryan Reynolds Have One Eye?

In a widely circulated video created in 2010, Ryan Reynolds said that his secret to getting the right shot was not to blink.

Some question whether the actor has one eye, considering he made a guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in 2015 and revealed he was wearing an eye patch on his left eye.

There were questions about whether this was meant to improve his shooting accuracy, whether it was an injury, whether he is cross-eyed, or whether he has a lazy eye.

Some even wondered whether his Instagram post that showed him wearing an eyepatch was authentic.

Reynolds Has Two Eyes

Reynolds does not have one eye, he has both of them. His eyes are perfectly fine. Ok, he wears glasses but so do I and that doesn’t mean I have weird eyes.

This was a myth that was created on the internet, but it is getting old.

The rumor began on Instagram when people posted photos of him with one eye closed and stated they were doing it to resemble him.

He may have a condition known as ocular proximity that enables one’s eyes to be close together.

His left eye was also injured once, which could be why people feel that his eyes look odd.

Reynold Once Gazed at Helen Mirren Suggestively

In 2015, the issue about his eyes popped when he posed with his Woman In Gold, costar Helen Mirren.

Her wife, Blake Lively, joked about his wandering eye as Mirren’s stunning figure was evident in her attire, and Reynolds looked at her affectionately.

From the picture, one could see the actor’s eyes were suggestively fixated on the actress as they posed for photographs at the movie’s premiere in Berlin.

The actor’s wife, Lively, posted a (now deleted) picture of the moment with her Instagram fans suggesting that she had all the reasons to feel jealous.

The actress captioned the photo, “Should I be concerned that my husband’s never looked at me this way?…”

In her post, she described the Oscar-winning actress as sexy and stated that her husband was probably gazing at the actress’s cleavage.

She wrote, “#WhereAreThoseEyesWanderingReynolds #HelenMirrenIStheSexiestWomanAlive #WomanInGold.”

In the picture, the Canadian superstar was seen with his arms wrapped around the actress, who was dressed in a clingy dress with a huge neckline.

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She complemented her look with a shiny diamond necklace and matching dangling earrings. 

Helen Mirren Was Full of Praise For Reynolds

Based on his 6’2″ frame, he had a magnificent view of the actress. 

It also seems the actress was awed by him since she revealed in an interview that his charming manner struck her as they filmed the movie. 

She confessed that Reynold was the type of person who made a girl feel good.

She said the problem was some guys were macho and attractive, but there was always an awkward feeling about them. 

She said Ryan made her feel great since he was generous in his masculinity.

She acknowledged that he was gorgeous and a hunk, and when one mixes it with the good feeling he made others feel around him, the actress considered it extraordinary. 

The movie was about an individual’s 6-decade search for Gustav Klimt’s painting The Lady in Gold, which is considered one of the most expensive paintings in the world today.

In Woman In Gold, fans could see their chemistry was flawless. 

The movie was a real-life story about a Jewish refugee’s attempt against the Austrian government to get a family painting that Nazis forcefully took.