Who is Ryan Stiles’ Wife, Patricia McDonald?

Is Patricia McDonald, the wife of Ryan Stiles, related to Mcdonald’s?

No! And boy was she lucky that her last name wasn’t Burger King. Patricia Burger King doesn’t sound as cool as Patricia McDonald, and neither does Patricia Burger Queen.

All jokes aside, the wife of the popular comedian and actor Ryan Lee Stiles, Patricia McDonald is your everyday normal gal.

Patricia values her privacy most, so finding information about her private life can be rather tricky. Nevertheless, I still managed to scoop up some interesting pieces of information about the infamous wife of Ryan Stiles, Patricia McDonald.

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Who is Patricia McDonald?

Patricia McDonald, who is she, besides having that name and being married to Ryan Stiles? One of the key things for any comedian is a good punchline.

Life proved itself again to be a master of irony, or sarcasm, when Ryan Stiles met Patricia McDonald while she worked at Punchlines, as a waitress. And something tells me he had to use the “Punchlines” name while he was flirting with her.

They married in 1988, and have three children, Sam, Mackenzie, and Claire. Before they married, rumors say that they lived together for almost ten years first. I mean, why not? Who needs paperwork to feel happier? 

Source: Reddit

Therefore, almost a decade later upon meeting, Ryan and Patricia had the wedding of their dreams. For them, it was almost like a ten-year anniversary, and also a big confirmation of their choice of a life partner.

This year, the lovely couple will celebrate their 35-year anniversary! And you and I share one thing in common, neither you nor I will be invited to celebrate it with them.

Another thing I am sure of is that they’ll be getting their catering from McDonald’s, I heard they give a 50% discount to anyone sharing that surname.

Sadly, apart from the above give information, not much more is known about the mysterious Patricia McDonald. But, on the other hand, since Patricia is not a celebrity and if she didn’t marry Ryan you would even know who she is. Therefore, the lack of information available to the public is somewhat expected.

Nevertheless, since her private life is really secret, it makes me think that maybe Patricia and Ryan live in Area 51.

I mean, why not? Maybe that’s their estate and that’s where a much more detailed answer to this article’s question lies. But, since I can’t confirm that Patricia McDonald lives in Area 51, if you are too curious, and have free time in your clock, grab a bicycle and head to Area 51 and ring a big bell on a big gate.

If any security forces appear, just ask them if Patricia McDonald lives there, and if the security forces reply with “Yes, she does” then you have to follow up with a question: “Who is Patricia McDonald?”