Who is Devon Aoki’s Husband, James Bailey?

James Bailey’s wife, Devon Aoki, is much more famous than him. He’d probably stay unknown to the wider public if there wasn’t her.

And she would probably stay unknown to the wider public if she wasn’t into dozen pretty bad Hollywood films, like “Fast and Furious” and a few others.

But still, it’s Hollywood! And James Bailey married a Hollywood actress, while most probably 100% of you who read this article haven’t got a Hollywood spouse.

All jokes aside let’s jump straight to it and meet the mysterious husband of Devon Aoki, James Bailey!

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Who is James Bailey?

James Bailey is married to Devon Aoki for many years now, and they have three kids so far. She was born in 1982 and he was born in 1985.

If you are curious more about his birthplace, I’ll reveal it don’t worry. Ok, so he was born in Boston, Massachusetts and he is Leo in the zodiac if there are any zodiac believers among you. 

He’s an entrepreneur and the co-founder (and CEO) of “TRUE” company, a mobile-based company in San Francisco that provides clients access to luxury goods and luxury experiences. And James knew way before, that the luxury industry has luxury profits.

His previous experience and knowledge served him well, as he worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. For sure his career and early career were helped by the fact that he was at Harvard University, and also that his dad co-founded “Cambridge Associates.”

If you want to help him get more Twitter followers, you can find him there. He isn’t at all as successful on social media as his wife Devon Aoki. 

What else interesting from his life would you like to know? Well, there isn’t really anything that would make it a good movie honestly.

He worked at “Accel Partners” as an intern, just after getting his Harvard degree. Then he went on to work at “Consumer Fund” for about two years. James also worked as an analyst for “T.A. Associates,” a multi-billion dollar Boston-based equity firm.

His career had a pretty straight growth. Then he was a managing director of “Wilderness Point Ventures” for a few years, and then became a co-founder and again managing director of “Velos Partner,” which is a venture capital firm, which focuses on consumers. You see, James focuses on consumers pretty often doesn’t he? Cause that’s where the money comes from!

Before he married Devon, they dated for a few years. When he was 26, James popped the big question and they got engaged. A couple of years later the lovely couple exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony back in 2011.

So it’s been 12 years now. It’s kind of that moment in marriage, where usually it becomes rocky and wavy, where many marriages either break or become stronger. Let’s hope their one has a “Lived Happily Ever After” narrative.

Devon’s and James’s first kid has a pretty original name – James. Their second kid is Alessandra and the third one is Eleanor. I didn’t write their middle names, that’s just sooooo 20th century, and we are in the century of usernames, tags, avatars…

James Bailey has a net worth of about 4 million dollars, which was estimated at the beginning of 2023. And his wife, the actress, Devon Aoki, about 30 million. So yeah, he would’ve been richer if he didn’t waste time in Harvard and all those businesses and instead went to Hollywood. He might regret that now, but it’s never late to kick-start a film career!