Meet Catherine Bell’s Girlfriend Brooke Daniells

It’s safe to say that Brooke Daniels is the Jack of all trades. She has undoubtedly collected fame in different industries from being a film actor, producer, writer, and photographer. 

However, what brought her more into the limelight is not all these careers. What made her a topic of discussion is her revelation of being a lesbian and in a relationship with popular actress Catherine Bell.

Today, we go deep into revealing more about Brooke Daniels. We focus on her personal life, relationship, career, net worth, and more interesting facts.

Who is Brooke Daniels?

The American model, actor, and producer was born on July 30, 1986, in Tomball, Texas, to Michael Daniels and Valarie Chachere Daniels.

Brooke Daniels had a sister and a brother, Cassady Daniels and Michael Daniels. She spent most of her childhood living with her parents and siblings in the United States.

There are fewer details about her education, with some sources revealing that she graduated from Sam Houston State University.

Similarly, she also mastered communications with an outstanding academic score. She is a member of People From Tomball, Texas, Miss USA 2009 Delegates, and people from Harris County.

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The star was just 18 years old when she kick-started her acting career in 2005. Despite her young age, she became successful and received appreciation for her role.

Working as an actress, Daniels is known for her role in The Apology Dance, Change of Life, and Vanguard Dispatch.

Brooke has also worked as a producer in the entertainment industry. Some of her works in this role include Last Breath and L Spice.

The Jack of all trades was also once a model. On June 29, 2009, a day before her 23rd birthday, she won the Miss Texas USA title.

Recent reports have also shown that Danniels is pursuing a career in photography.

Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniells Relationship

So many questions surround her relationship status. Rumors claim she is bis*xual. Before she started dating Catherine Bell, she was in a relationship where she had a son and daughter.

Catherine Bell, her supposed partner, divorced Adam Beason, with whom they had two kids, Gemma and Ranon Beason. Catherine divorced Adam Beason after her rumored lesbian relationship with Brooke Daniels.

Now, Daniels and Catherine live in West Los Angeles.

Net Worth

Brooke Daniels’ Net Worth is estimated to be around $500 000. She mainly makes her earnings from modeling, acting, and as a director. She has also added her photography, event planning, and hosting careers to the list.

Brooke Daniels is found on Instagram and Twitter, where she shares some of her works.

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