Where to Watch Coraline For Free? (2022)

Looking for ways to watch Coraline for free?

watch coraline

It is a nice movie that tells the story of a girl who has just moved into an old house and meets her new neighbors, but when she starts exploring their home, she discovers something terrible: her parents have been replaced by evil beings intent on trapping her there forever!

Coraline’s parents neglect her, so she moves to an old home in order to get attention. She uncovers a concealed door with a blocked passageway.

She goes through the passage during the night, where she discovers a parallel universe in which everyone has buttons instead of eyes, with kind parents who fulfill all of her wishes.


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Coraline is shown to understand that there are two mothers for a while after the other mother invites her to stay in her world eternally.

But she eventually refuses and discovers that the alternate reality where she is trapped is only a ruse to entice her.

About the Coraline Movie

Coraline is based on the 2002 children’s novella of the same name by author Neil Gaiman. It uses elements from multiple films like Pan’s Labyrinth.

The film was directed by Henry Selick and produced in both stop-motion animation as well as with CGI elements.

It is considered a mixture between Coraline (2009) – based on the novella of the same name by Neil Gaiman – and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).

In this post, let’s cover where you can watch Coraline for free using different methods.


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Depending on how much effort you want to put in, there is a different option for each one.

It’s important before we get started that if your favorite method isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean it won’t work!

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Stop Motion Animation

Let’s begin with stop motion animation, which was used due to its ability to create an exciting and unique experience for the audience.

You have two options, in this case, which are Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Depending on where you live, you can select the best service.

But either one works just fine, assuming Coraline is available in your region of choice.


Next is YouTube, where there are a few options to choose from. The first is the official trailer which has no real links.

It only has the link for the trailer and the link for where you can buy it on Amazon.

It’s not too useful, but this might be ideal enough for your needs if you like trailers.          

There are also other versions of the full movie available.

They include fan-made dubs, foreign language versions, or even songs played over certain parts (usually near credits).

YouTube is a great option, but it’s important to note that not all of the links will work since they are pretty old.

The main thing you want to look for is any version with “Original Trailer” in its title. This will ensure the best chance at watching Coraline online without spending money instead!


The next method which can be used if YouTube fails would be Dailymotion.

Here, there’s one full copy available, although only in French with subtitles.

This version of the film doesn’t have ads.

Another link here has two other options, but these ones aren’t free, unfortunately.

So, I’d suggest sticking with this video if possible.

There are also two links below the main video. However, they don’t seem like they will work though, unfortunately, since these ones aren’t free either!


Lastly, we have Vimeo, where once again, there is only one video available.

Good news- this is in English.

Bad news- without subtitles!

Unfortunately, there isn’t any other option here, so if Dailymotion doesn’t work, then you’re out of luck when it comes to finding Coraline on Vimeo.

If none of the above options don’t work for some reason, then I’m afraid your best bet would be to buy the movie on Amazon at this point, if possible.

Well, there you have it, folks.

As one of the classic animations, this is definitely a must-watch for you.

Henry Selick uses the fantasy world to communicate with your kids at a deeper level.