The Last Words Of Paul Walker: ‘Hey, Let’s Go For a Drive’

You have seen Paul Walker’s tribute during Fast & Furious releases over the years.

All this is done to honor the late actor, look back at his life and celebrate him.

Indeed, the actor was a decorated humanitarian, having started some NGOs of his own.

He earned a name for himself on this planet, and his generosity is etched on the deepest memories of several people.

However, have you ever wondered what his last words were?

Who was the last person he spoke to before his untimely death?

What were Paul Walker’s last words?

Before Walker and Roger Rodas went for their last drive, the actor was quoted saying, “Hey, let’s go for a drive.”

Walker’s friend Jim Thorpe recalled the Fast and Furious actor’s last words while reiterating that the deceased loved cars.

Thorp maintained that the actor lived his life fast and furious and died fast and furious. Paul uttered these last words as he left his charity.

Walker also wrote a message to his daughter Meadow on her 18th birthday, saying that she “was the best thing I ever did.” He also told friends he felt like he was living in a surreal world.

Paul Walker died a painful death that left his colleagues and family devastated for those who didn’t know. His love for cars and a fast and furious life contributed to his fast and furious death!


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How did Paul Walker’s accident happen?

Tragedy struck at about midday on November 30, 2013, when Paul and Roger took off for a drive. Rodas was behind the wheel while Paul rode shotgun.

The Porsche Carrera GT clipped a tree, and then a lamp post and the repercussions were dire for the occupants. What’s worse is that the car caught flames with the driver and passenger trapped inside.

A good friend of Paul’s said it made no sense how the car could have gotten so out of control at 100 mph. They even said that something must have gone wrong for this kind of horrific incident to happen! 

Other co-stars are now reportedly planning tributes for him and fundraising efforts to support organizations associated with him.

How did Paul Walker die?

An autopsy report confirmed that Fast and Furious star Paul Walker died due to traumatic injuries sustained during an accident where he was the passenger.

According to the 40-year-old actor’s death certificate, obtained exclusively by MailOnline, he died around midday on November 30.

Before the accident, the talented actor had attended a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW).