Drake Vs Justin Bieber Net Worth: Who Is Richer?

Justin Bieber and Drake are two very popular, young singers and songwriters.

Both of them had their breakthrough in the music industry in 2009, after releasing their debut albums.

Let’s compare their success in the world of music, as well as their income.

Justin Bieber started his singing career in 2009, with the release of his debut album called “My World”, as well as his second album “My World 2.0”.

However, he rose to fame after releasing his 2011 album “Never Say Never”. Soon after, Bieber released “Believe”, which earned him over $40 million in 2012.

His more recent albums “Changes” (2020) and “Justice” (2021) each brought him over $200 million.

Just like Justin Bieber, Canadian rapper Drake also started his singing/rapping career in 2009.

His debut album called “So Far Gone” drew a lot of attention on streaming services, as well as his second and third albums called “Thank Me Later” and “Take Care”.

Champagne Papi, as he calls himself, released his most recent album “Certified Lover Boy” in 2021.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

As of 2022, Bieber’s net worth stands at $285 million.

His yearly income of $80 million mostly comes from his streams and music video views on Youtube and Spotify.

Bieber’s earnings at the start of his musical career were around $5 million per year, until his breakthrough in 2012.


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Each year since 2012, Justin has earned over $200 million.

According to the Forbes magazine interview, Bieber also earns $1 million per show/concert.

Other than his musical success, Bieber also made deals with sponsors such as Beats, Best Buy and Calvin Klein.

Drake’s Net Worth

From 2000 to 2009, Drake enjoyed being a Nickelodeon star.

He landed multiple minor roles in TV series, but the portrayal of the basketball player Jimmy Brooks on Nickelodeon’s “Degrassi” brought him his first moments of fame.

In 2009, Drake’s musical career took off. He’s recorded over 10 studio albums so far.


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The album that sold the most copies was “Scorpion” from 2018.

Drake got over $745 billion streams for “Scorpion”, which means he earned almost $80 million just from this album.

His second biggest achievement is his most recent album “Certified Lover Boy”, which sold in over 560,000 units.

Other than his musical success, Drake also enjoys the sponsorship of Sprite and Apple Music.

Who Is Richer, Drake Or Justin Bieber?

Since Drake’s net worth stands at $200 million as of 2022, and Bieber’s is $285 million, Justin Bieber wins the battle of money.

Who Splurges More?

Even though we’ve established that Justin’s net worth and income are slightly higher than Drake’s, let’s see who spends more of their money.

According to a source, Justin’s mansion cost him $5 million, and his proposal ring was over half a million dollars!

This might sound like a big sum of money, but it’s nothing compared to Drake’s mansion.

Drake’s house was worth almost $10 million when he purchased it, and it is worth over $100 million now.

It seems Justin’s a better money saver!