What Languages Does Ariana Grande Speak?

There persists popular fan belief that associates Ariana with being a Latina due to her Florida background. Some fans think she is Spanish because of her last name, while others consider her Italian. But which one is true? 

To be very specific, Ariana Grande boasts an Italian heritage as both her parents originate from Italy but does she speak Italian? Yes, Italian is her first language, but does she speak Spanish or any other languages?


As an American, it is natural for Grande to be well-versed in the English language. Ariana was raised as a Roman Catholic. During the pontificate of Benedict XVI, she decided to abandon the church for its stance against homosexuality. 

Grande was deeply affected by the church’s disagreement with homosexuality as even her half-brother, Frankie, is gay. She believes everyone has a right to be with whomever they want to, irrespective of race or gender. 


Ariana Was Born Rich

Both Ariana and Frankie resonated with the teachings of Kabbalah since they were as young as twelve. The basis of the ancient faith lies in the idea that “If you’re kind to others, good things will happen to you.” 

Even in many of her songs, Ariana has shown support for the LGBTQ community. She is often labeled as “a voice for a sex-positive attitude.”

Does Ariana Grande Speak Spanish?

As we already discussed, many of her fans consider Ariana Grande to be Spanish as her last name in the language translates to “large” or “great.” But it translates to the same meaning in other Latin languages as well, including Italian. 

While Grande doesn’t have any Spanish origin, the “Thank You, Next” singer is well-versed in the language. She claims she is yet to be an expert on the Roman language, but she knows it enough to translate some of her songs into Spanish versions. 

She also frequently speaks Spanish during her interviews and live performances. Ariana has even performed the Spanish song “Qué Hiciste” by J.Lo, matching word to word perfectly. Her first char debut song, “The Way,” was later released in a Spanglish version with J Balvin. 

The latter also made a guest appearance in Grande’s 2014 song, “Problem,” which featured Iggy Azalea. 

How many languages does Ariana Grande speak?

Apart from Italian, English, and Spanish, Grande is also learning French and knows a little Japanese. But the humble star has also explained it will take a considerable time for her to master these languages. 

But the fans can guess, after all, the “Thank You, Next” star said the same thing about Spanish, and we know how excellent her Spanish is. 

Final Words

Being a global singing star and a fashion icon, knowing multiple languages, and being a multi-linguistic person will help the Pop queen connect better with her followers worldwide.

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