What Happened To Topher Grace?

While Topher Grace was That 70’s Show star, he didn’t stick around to the end. The actor chose to leave the show to pursue other endeavors.

As you recall, That 70s Show was one of the hits back in the day. It had you transfixed on your small screen because it had a lot of laughs and a ton of heart. The show formed the platform for many emerging actors and actresses of the time including Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. The remainder of the cast was also very talented.

Needless to say, they made a lot of cash and inspired other shows in the same genre.  

With such beginnings, an actor like Topher Grace was bound to hit the limelight big time! But what happened to him? Keep reading to find out.

How That 70s Show came up

The world was ready for an avant-garde series to roll into the fold in 1998 to usher in the millennium. That 70’s Show just happened to be what the doctor orders for viewers at home.

The show quickly resonated with fans as it did not follow the usual film manual. Its casting was exceptional, the writing sharp and the show in general was fun and interesting to watch. The cast in the show received a lot of exposure, which was a dream come true for all of them including Topher Grace.

While on the show, Grace was just dipping her toes into the filming industry, landing roles such as Ocean’s Eleven and Traffic. This slowly gave him some confidence that he could make it in the movie industry.

However, being on That 70’s Show meant that he could not take up any additional roles and he had to depart. The fans didn’t have nice things to say after his departure, but for him, it was high time he tried his hand at something else.   

What the young actor realized however, was that leaving a sure thing behind isn’t a fool proof way of making it in Hollywood.

What happened to Topher Grace?

After making a name for himself using his role in The 70’s Show, Grace departed in 2006, hoping to attain greater heights.

At the start, he landed a role in Spider Man 3, a project that was unfortunately disappointing. While the film reportedly generated around $894 million worldwide, it also received a lot of criticism. In fact, it was the most despised comic in the 2000s.

The Box Office Receipts gave a fabricated story about Topher but in reality, things weren’t going great for him. According to IMDB, it took Topher some few years before he landed another role in Hollywood.

The movie Valentine’s Day was a success, but this was due to the excellent cast. From there, things got worse for Topher.

Eventually, Grace took part in smaller projects like Don Peyote, Take Me Home Tonight and Predator. At this point, Topher had been away from That 70’s Show for seven years. However, he had not found the role that would put him at the heights he wanted.

Grace later found roles in Black Klansman and Interstellar, but they did not match the role he had abandoned with That 70’s Show. Neither did those roles give him the nudge he needed to pursue stardom.

Topher Grace’s current TV career

Grace did not make the waves on the screen as he had anticipated. Furthermore, the roles that he landed after leaving the show weren’t of the same heights.

As the years passed, the actor started landing small roles in films such as The Muppets, Workaholics, Black Mirror among others. These were small fish roles that did not propel his career.

Topher also landed roles on shows but they never paid off the way he expected them to. According to IMDB, the actor landed leading roles in The Beauty Inside and The Hot Zone but these weren’t enough.

More recent news from IMDB reveals that Topher landed a role in Irresistible and also appeared in The Twilight Saga. It is great that he is getting roles in mammoth projects, but you have to wonder what would have happened if he had stayed with That 70’s Show.

So, there you have it folks, Topher’s greatest undoing was chasing his dreams!