Is Sydney Sweeney A Real MMA Fighter?

Is Sydney Sweeney a real MMA fighter? That’s the question everyone is asking ever since she showed her boxing and martial arts workout on Instagram.

Is Sydney Sweeney A Real MMA fighter?

Sydney Sweeney is a real MMA fighter and has been training since she was 14. She also competed in grappling in school.

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson Sweeney said: “I trained with Ronda Rousey’s senseis. I did competitions. I got first place fighting all the guys.”

She admitted that she got hurt in fights but all of her competitors had to sign a little piece of paper that says “you’re not to do X, Y and Z” and she is all of X, Y and Z.

It was the same year that she discovered her love for acting. Sydney Sweeney continued to train in Taekwondo, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts while filming movies.

Sydney’s parents did not want their daughter to be a part of reality TV shows. They thought it would cause more harm than good when it came to how people viewed her as an actress. 

As a result, Sydney refused all offers from production companies who wanted her on one of these types of shows with other celebrities.

She has been training in her fighting arts but does not plan on moving up to the professional level just yet. Her main focus right now is on acting.

Sidney Sweeney’s MMA record

Sidney has no MMA record as she never officially competed.

Can we expect to see Sindey in an upcoming MMA fight?

Not likely. If anything, it is more likely you will see another music video or movie appearance soon!

We definitely look forward to seeing what else comes next for Sydney Sweeney!

Otherwise, we appreciate her role in entertaining us. It is rare to see such skill, talent, and dedication to one’s job.

I bet you would enjoy an MMA fight between Sweeney and another fighter. It sure will be an MMA bonanza that will have you fixed to the screen.

Everyone wants to see what Sweeney’s got. Right?

Sydney Sweeney Martial Arts & Kickboxing Background

Sydney Sweeney learned Taekwondo at age five to help control her hyperactivity.

Her parents enrolled her in classes once they noticed that it helped calm their daughter during difficult times.

With training three times per week, Sydney Sweeney’s Taekwondo skills increased. She eventually earned her black belt.

Sydney also started learning ballet at age six to improve her flexibility and strength.

She practiced the dance three times per week which helped improve how she felt about herself as well! 

Her hard work paid off because Sydney even won a scholarship for Ballet West Academy when she turned eleven years old.

It was then that she decided to take time away from training in order to focus on school instead of continuing with both activities simultaneously.