What Happened to Carlos Mencia’s Career?

If you came across Joe Roga recently, you might not probably know about Carlos Mencia. Ned Arnel Mencia, popularly known as Carlos Mencia, is a podcaster, writer, and comedian.

He is renowned for one of the top shows on Comedy Central, “Mind of Mencia.” Just like Dave Chappell, he is recognized for his unique and funny approach to trending issues and brilliant take on political incidents.

Unfortunately, in 2008, his career at Comedy Central came to an end.

What happened to Carlos Mencia?

One of the reasons for the downfall of Carlos Mencia’s are plagiarism claims. Although some comedians like Dave Chappell are known to give some of their jokes to their peers, it is rare.

There were rumors about Carlos Mencia stealing jokes from other comedians. However, Comedy Central never explained why the show stopped airing, but most people believe that plagiarism claims were one of the main reasons.

Joe Rogan is believed to have initiated the rumors that led to Mencia’s downfall. In 2007, Rogan confronted Carlos on stage in Comedy Store.

He accused him of stealing jokes from him and other comedians without crediting them. When Carlos tried to shut down the accusations, Rogan had enough evidence, and he didn’t stand a chance.

Although some comedians supported Rogan’s action, he received some backlash from some. However, Rogan’s comedy career has been such a success more than he could have ever thought of.

Although Carlos might have made several controversial statements, his statement after Hurricane Katrina on blacks’ inability to swim landed him in unfortunate circumstances.

Carlos apologized, but his name was dropped by “New Orleans Mari Gras” organizers. He was also removed from” Krewe of Orpheus,” which was a great financial loss for him.

Besides, the comment got him on the list of the most hated comedians, and big sponsors like HBO could no longer work with him, which was a big blow to his career.

Did Carlos Mencia Make a Comeback?

Although the accusations were a big blow to his brand, Carlos Mencia made a comeback, but it could not have bounced back as he hoped for.

Mencia is trying to revive his brand through comedy tours, podcasting, youtube, writing gigs, and influencing.

He acts as an influencer to most small and medium-size businesses on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.