See Hannah Ferrier Now, 3 Years After Below Deck Mediterranean

It is no surprise that everyone was astonished when Hannah Ferrier was relieved of her duties on Below Deck.

While she enjoyed the fun moments with her crewmates, it’s no wonder that the constant battles with Captain Sandy meant one thing.

She wouldn’t be staying any longer! Indeed, the final straw came when Ferrier couldn’t give the correct prescription for valium found on deck. When she quit the show, her life took a different turn.

Let’s learn more about Hannah Ferrier, her yachting career, and what she’s doing now!

Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Mediterranean

Hannah Ferrier left her position on Below Deck Mediterranean surprisingly. She was caught with valium on board.

The captain had no choice but to remove her from the ship, although he did so with much hesitancy and reluctance!

While she was a fantastic sailor who brought a lot of value to the table, there were just too many personality clashes that meant she wasn’t meant to be on the ship.

Despite her short time on Below Deck Mediterranean, Ferrier made quite an impression on everyone who watched the show.

She was a strong leader and did what she thought would benefit not only herself but also the team.

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Ferrier’s Life After Below Deck Mediterranean

While many thought Ferrier wouldn’t last on the show or find a job after leaving, she has managed to do quite well for herself.

Ferrier is an experienced sailor who worked on some of the largest superyachts in the world, and her skills will continue to benefit her in whatever she does.

What Does Hannah Ferrier do For A Living

Currently, Hannah Ferrier runs her own business while taking care of her baby.

In an Instagram post, Ferrier revealed that she took a break from yachting and used the time to focus on herself and her kid.

She is also working as a journalist for Australian Yachting News, so she’s still in touch with the industry!

Hannah Ferrier Family

Hannah Ferrier is a mom to Ava Grace Jones. She welcomed her first child in November 2020.

She revealed that she enjoyed every moment of her pregnancy apart from the bouts of morning sickness.

The baby’s father is Josh Roberts, her fiance at the time.

Two years later, the couple married in March 2022 and baby Ava was a big part of the ceremony.

“What a day. What a man” – Hannah wrote on Instagram.

Career in Yachting

Hannah Ferrier has been in the industry for a while and is an experienced sailor who worked on some of the largest superyachts around.

Her career started in 2008 when she was just 20 years old and had a little experience under her belt.

She moved up quickly, however, winning awards such as “Best Crew” and “Most Valuable Sailor.”

Ferrier is a hard worker who loves what she does, but her passion often brought issues that didn’t sit well with the yachting community.

Her employers or co-workers didn’t always meet Ferrier’s high standards.

She would only be satisfied if everything was done to perfection, regardless of how much effort it took.

This approach led to many conflicts between her and the captain, who always had a difficult time dealing with Ferrier’s demands.

You can’t blame them either, since she would put in long hours without any extra pay!

Hobbies and Likes

Hannah enjoys sailing around Australia with friends or alone in her spare time.

She also likes spending time outdoors and is an avid runner! Ferrier’s no-nonsense attitude has some benefits, as she was always able to stay focused and overcome issues that came her way.

She wasn’t afraid of confrontation either and would stand up for what she believed in during disagreements with Captain Sandy.

We can’t wait to see what Hannah Ferrier will do next!