The Real Reason Why Black Sails Was Cancelled

Set in the ‘Golden Age of Piracy,’ this TV show is one of the best ship-wrecking pirate action dramas ever. 

The show is set 20 years before Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island” and the storyline follows various pirate crews and their captains on an epic journey through the sea.

“Black Sails” aired for a total of four seasons and many fans were devastated when they heard that the fourth season will be the final one.

Here you can find everything you need to know about “Black Sails” and the reason it got cancelled.

Why Was Black Sails Cancelled?

After the third season ended, news about the show being cancelled surfaced and many fans got seriously worried.

But it wasn’t all bad news as the show’s creators announced that “Black Sails” will continue for the fourth and final season.

The fourth season came out in 2017 and it featured 10 episodes. The creators were put in a bad spot, having to decide which path to take.

They all agreed that the story was being told to the fullest in the fourth season and that it was the right time to end it.

There wasn’t a mystery behind it at all. The creators simply thought that the finale of the fourth season will be the end of the series as they were already approaching the time from the “Treasure Island” novel.

Every character from the series landed in a rewarding place, even the ones who died fighting bravely at sea.

There were talks about a possible “Treasure Island” spinoff, but that lasted for a short time and everyone eventually forgot about it.

What Happened in the Fourth Season of Black Sails?

The storyline in the fourth season is set in the West Indies where a raging battle occurs. British soldiers are trying their best to fight off a pirate invasion, which results in an unimaginable loss for both sides.

Civilization’s last defence is set as Woodes Rogers and Eleanor Guthrie transformed Nassau into a wall-less keep.

Captain Flint gathered a fleet of unimaginable strength with only one goal, attacking the civilization’s last outpost and reshaping the course of history forever.

But little did Flint and his allies know that even though civilization is on its knees, it will only make them fight even harder. Desperation can sometimes be a strong tool.

In the fourth season, allies will betray one another, oaths will be broken, big amounts of gold will switch hands, and in all that chaos only one side can win. There is no backing down!

Will There Be a Season Five of Black Sails? 

Unfortunately, there won’t be a season five of Black.

Starz has officially cancelled the show after the fourth season and have made it very clear on several occasions that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about a renewal. 

The fourth season ended on April 2nd, 2016, which means that half a decade has passed since we had the chance to enjoy our favourite pirate characters. 

However, even though there won’t be the fifth season of Black Sails, there have been some rumours in the past few months that the above-mentioned spinoff is being discussed again. 

More details about the spinoff will be released by the end of 2022.