The Mystery Behind Chris Hemsworth’s Jaw Surgery Rumors: Gigachad or Zac Efron Treatment

Is the mighty Thor undergoing a transformation off-screen?

Recently, fans have noticed a change in Chris Hemsworth’s jaw, sparking a whirlwind of rumors and speculation. Some claim he’s had plastic surgery, while others attribute the change to steroids. One thing is certain: the internet can’t get enough of this jaw-dropping mystery.

The rumors began when eagle-eyed fans spotted a difference in Hemsworth’s jawline in recent photographs. These observations quickly escalated to Reddit threads, where users shared images comparing the Australian heartthrob to the now-infamous “Gigachad” meme.

The uncanny resemblance has led some to conclude that Hemsworth has undergone the so-called “Zac Efron treatment,” referring to another actor who faced similar jaw surgery rumors.

One Reddit user argued, “Steroids can make your jaw grow/looking bigger/more square,” while another commented, “He looks like the gigachad meme.” The theory that Hemsworth might have had surgery has gained traction, with one user stating, “They look exactly the same now. Is this the male surgery/body mod trend? They both live in Australia so probably the same surgeon.”

Others think that Hemsworth and Efron might be using the same performance-enhancing drugs. “He either went to Zac Efron’s surgeon, or they’re both juicing,” said a user. “He looks like a wax figure in a museum, like…it says it’s Chris Hemsworth on the card, but it’s just slightly…off. looking.”

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Some fans have even speculated that Hemsworth has grown out his beard to disguise the change in his jawline. But as with all internet rumors, there are dissenting opinions.

A user on the same thread argued that the change in his jaw is simply due to the way his mouth is positioned. “It’s people always either claiming plastic surgery when it isn’t plastic surgery, or one bad picture and then claiming they’re roided out,” they said. “Exactly it’s literally because his mouth is open, there’s hundreds of photos too of the past where his jaw squares out when he opens his mouth.”

While it’s impossible to know for sure whether Hemsworth has had any work done or is using performance-enhancing drugs, the speculation and memes continue to flood social media. For now, the Gigachad mystery remains unsolved, but one thing is for sure: Chris Hemsworth’s jaw has captured the internet’s imagination.